Just What Were Donald Trump’s Ties to the Mob?

I took the title directly from an article on Global Research about the American Mafia (the immigrant and sons thereof Mafia, with their ties to Sicily intact) and Mr Chump. Which he hinted in his “art of the steal” book. Specifically about the casino license which he got really quickly, his relationship with Roy Cohn who amongst other jobs had one writing for Ronald Reagan… Damn, the rogues gallery grows quick, don’t it? Bet Ollie North and his fellow traitors including Reagan surfaces in this too. The Iran/Contra punks had a lot of underworld connections from Miami Cubanos and Salvadoran Death Squads to well, everybody. Reagans sons were brokering coke from Colombia through Panama… and then there’s Giuliani.

The Punks on Parade could easily rival the St Paddy’s or Columbus Day parade, in any city, for sheer volume. Giuliani gave ChumpTrump free rein in building, Casinos, Tenant Law Violations (like the scam he boasts of doing to the Libyan Delegation to the UN) all of which amount to grand larceny. Grand Theft in Texas and Colorado and New York starts somewhere around 2000 dollars. Steal 1999 dollars in Texas and it’s still petty theft. If in Colorado you scam a motel or restaurant (dine and dash) it’s Defrauding an Innkeeper no matter how small the amount and is a felony.  The count of those incarcerated varies from day to day, but you can get information on how many Defrauding an Innkeeper inmates are currently in custody in Colorado, really easy.

New York Tenant laws are even more strict. Slumlords who aren’t as rich as Donald Dick get some pretty hefty sentences. ChumpTrump boasts of it and spends not even a minute in handcuffs. Who was protecting him, other than Giuliani, the RNC and other Mafia affiliates? Who are STILL protecting him?

The Donald doesn’t have a choice anymore about keeping his stupid mouth shut, the ones who are protecting him (for money and other favors) are the types who regard the Godfather movies and books as Home Movies. Dear Younger Readers: ‘home movies’ were somewhat of a recurring fad long before affordable digital cameras. At the time the first Godfather movie was made, you could buy a camera that had a spool of film in it, for a couple of hundred dollars. When that was minimum wage for a month. Nowadays that would be called a Selfie.

anyhoo… these very kind and considerate persons who are generously supplying Mr Trump with protection are neither kind nor considerate nor generous.

They would kill him. And make it look like a lone wolf radical shooter.

He cries much crocodile tears about having to undergo such a “rigorous” examination (meaning “he had to bribe even more corrupt officials”) to get a casino license… and bitches long and loud about Native Americans having the sovereignty to open our casinos without having to go to all that trouble. Calls it racism, he does.  Tough Caca, bitch. American Indian tribes have only a limited sovereignty and every penny we have to force out of the hands of the White Government is RENT on OUR land. Get it right.  His ancestors got run out of Europe and had to come here to take our land violently? Cry me a river.

The fact that is most disturbing in all this, however…

Neither half of the Ruling Duopoly is putting up even a pretense of a palatable candidate. Since the very richest of the 1% don’t give away their bread very readily, they sure are going out on a limb with this selection cycle. They invest in candidates because, in the words of Monty Brewster portrayed by Richard Pryor “they’ll be able to steal it back with interest…”











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