Killing Reagan– the myth continues.

I’m not going to watch it. That’s the short story. It’s written by Bill O, Really? who daily kisses  the ass of every Bush family member within kissing distance, so fat chance anybody involved with the propaganda piece is going to mention that John Wayne Hinckley was and still is a) a scion of Wealth and b) Bush family dinner guest. On several occasions. Some who like conspiracy theory even more than I do have noticed that GHW Bush would have inherited the White House eight years earlier. On the plus side he might have cut Reagan’s dope-dealing son (protected by Daddy first from California’s dope laws because Daddy was Governor, meaning Junior only had to tell Daddy and Mummy (only Big Ronnie could call her Mommy) and his major competition went to jail for long time.)) out of the deal with the Iran/Contra “scandal”. Damn, couldn’t they find a better word? Scandal is when the mayor’s daughter is dating a (hated ethnicity of choice) and city funds were used to cover it up. Without the family connection to Pablo Escobar (for as long as Escobar was convenient) being unofficially sheltered, we might not have the Crack epidemic. But since coke is just speeds baby sister, we probably would have had the smokable meth plague a little earlier. General Al Hague, who tried to seize the CiC spot, would have been an Other Suspect in who wired up Hinckley to believe he was going to get a shot of a certain actress. But the punk Reagan survived, Haig got fired and Bush had to wait. Exactly none of that is going to be in the movie. Too many people are stupid enough to believe Reagan was some kind of hero.

Look, being shot doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you either in a very large amount of pain or very dead. I’ve known  people who are or were good people and got shot, and were heroic by being good people in an increasingly evil world, or some shit-sorry matriarchal incest persons. The ones who I knew after they got shot were of course those who didn’t die from the wound.

A bullet can’t make somebody a good person. That’s a self made project, with help from God and community.

So let me explode a few myths about Reagan. He wasn’t a cowboy. He played one in the movies, but so did John Wayne who also wasn’t a real cowboy. There’s a tee-shirt circulating in Texas with a group picture of Reagan, GW and John Wayne on horses with cowboy gear on and the lying ass slogan “my heroes have always been cowboys”. Since none of the three were cowboys or heroes in any way, the whole ensemble is a Triple Lie. Like Holy– Roman– Empire or Meals– Ready– to Eat. Reagan and Wayne skated out of the draft, Bush Jr of course got Daddy’s Money to keep him out of VietNam but he deserted from a National Guard assignment and Got Away With It. Wayne and GW never came under fire, and the only time RR did was the time he got shot. Reagan, John Wayne and Bill O’Reilly all got out of the draft by reason of having chronic back pain and all (suspiciously) “football” injuries. Because to very stupid people Football equates to Macho. A perception of heroism with no substance. Here’s a fun fact, that gets buried. Being exempt from the draft doesn’t actually mean you can’t enlist. Like Chickenhawk Supreme (sounds like a delicacy)  Romney saying he wanted to be with you fellows, honestly! slogging through the rice paddies and getting his ass shot off but gosh darn it he had Missionary Duty and couldn’t.

I said it before, I’ll say it again. There’s quite a few LDS names on the Wall. And Audy Murphy, one of the most decorated soldiers in World War 2, was twice denied enlistment.  So Ronnie and Johnnie stayed in Hollow Wood making movies about war.

And that’s the problem. A lot of people in America are deliberately made stupid, with the rich dope dealers, like Pete Coors, who sells the most destructive drug in America (beer) helping along the propaganda campaigns. Why drug the people? Because sobriety would be an effective shield against believing Government Bullshit like this movie.

I would suggest watching the Disney channel, since you’re going to watch Royalist Fantasy anyway.

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