Klan Stands Down in Pelham N.C.

They were celebrating the minority vote count “victory mandate” for Trump to Whiten America. Meanwhile Trump supporters including some of his potential cabinet have called for a law criminalizing anti-trump demonstrations. A statute like that would make it a felony to say or write anything against Der Fuhrer. Some skinhead pinhead kept harassing me for criticizing Trump’s relationship to the Klan and Skinheads who represent on Stormfront. Big woop-di-diddly-doo. Just another punk wannabee-terrorist.
Actually, the Klan is the most prolific Terrorist group in America, especially as they were the Confederacy, and one of their organizers, the one who said “save your Confederate money, the (white part of the)South will rise again!”, War Criminal Nathan Bedford-Forrest, especially…

killed 300,000 United States soldiers and sailors. A body count that passes all other US wars COMBINED. Then there were the 200,000 Delusional Racist Confederate soldiers who were bamboozled into starting the war in the first place and died in the war. I guess what’s sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander as a major portion of the Make America White Again movement, the Tea Party, were organized to harass Mr. Obama because he’s half black. The Hypocrisy stinks to heaven.

The Klan parade was canceled in deference to the massive outpouring of anti-Klan protesters.

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