Orlando ‘largest mass shooting in US History?’ …not really

Hyperbole. Just what people need. By far the largest mass shooting in US history (Americans killing Americans) would be the battle of Gettysburg where about 50,000 Americans were placed in their graves by other Americans. Most of whom considered themselves Christians. Now there will be more stupid people telling us, loudly, that we must kill more Americans because of their religion. Or deport, or place into a concentration camp, all the bullshit designed to ramp up the violence. Let’s try that again… Shall We? 168 in Oklahoma City,
more than 150 Natives at Wounded Knee (maybe as many as 300) and 20 soldiers, after massacring American civilians, were awarded Congressional Medals of Honor. McVeigh was a Seventh Day Adventist, SDA like to remind me that they don’t call themselves Christian because they consider it a Catholic word. The shooters at Wounded Knee considered themselves Christian, for the most part, but we won’t be seeing much in the way of people demanding all Christians be deported, killed or locked onto concentration “internment” camps for either of the linked incidents.  I sometimes get a little bit of teasing or maybe hostility from other Natives because I, like most Cherokee, am Christian. By that I don’t compare myself to Jesus as an equal. To make it really easy to remember I’ll use humor… God knows I’m not anywhere near perfection. Guess what, Christians and anybody else for that matter… neither are you.

As for the hue and cry to make war on American Muslims, it’s been done for quite a long while. To quote Rev Jeremiah Wright quoting somebody else, Americas chickens have come home to roost. I’m not defending whoever did kill 50 people in Orlando, any more than I would celebrate and defend the troopers at Wounded Knee, or the ATF agents at Waco, or McVeigh, or Lt Calley or Lt Colonel Ollie North (who made money from the bombing of 300 Marines in Beirut AND the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero by his fellow Christians, and by the way so did Ronald Reagan and his demon spawn family). Yeah. I’m not going to glorify or minimize their incredible acts of Murder either. The killings in Orlando, still under investigation, were not an attack by Islam any more than the killings at Waco and Wounded Knee or Gettysburg could be blamed on Jesus. You don’t like it, too damned bad.

This is me telling anybody who wants to read it, and especially those who don’t want to read it, that I’m NOT joining your Unholy Crusade, not now, not ever.

There have been too many people murdered in the name of God throughout history, apocryphal or not, and I ain’t going to add to it. As my tee-shirt says, y’all can just line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass. I haven’t got out in the street to demand the deportation or death of Whites, no matter what religion. No Crusades, EVER.

If you can’t bring yourself to even TRY to act like Christ then don’t call yourself Christian. It defiles you and is the subject of three of the Ten Commandments, more if you intend to commit murder.

I updated the title in case of confusion. There are some in America who are easily confused.


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