Maybe a perceptional error

But it seems the police in all the civil unrest about a not-very-subtle racist being elected to the presidency, the police are taking sides with the Skinheads. If so, it would validate everything I’ve ever said, wrote or screamed at them while they were beating me down while handcuffed and helpless. And there’s no shortage of the cops who are openly and blatantly Klansmen or at least an allied political group. If I wanted to have more right-wing spam in my mailbox I could check on Stormfront and see how many of them identify themselves as police or prison guards.              Stormfront is the Klan website who endorsed Mr Trump. And their loser supporters are acting like SA Brownshirts.  Mayhaps they should read the history of their own movement, and recall who were the very first group the Nazis rounded up and mass imprisoned.  They want to America White Again but, hey, it never was. They want to use violence, oh well. There’s plenty of resistance to their regime and their own special issues. Donald allegedly declined the endorsement from Stormfront.  A week before the election and as people were noticing it. But if so, there’s another question… If Donald Chump really isn’t in their ranks, why do they perceive him to be one of their own?

Maybe it’s the hate speech that spews from his mouth. That would be the most rational and logical reason they would ordain him as the Neuen Amerikanisch ReichsFuhrer.

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