Maybe I CAN be the King of Sweden

I mean, Oscars, Nobels, CMAs etc, given out to some really questionable accomplices in various fields oops that was supposed to be Accomplishments eh… waste not, want not. Then I found this while trying to get alleged public notice information from the GagZette.  For those who’ve not had the pleasure, the Gazette has a long and rich history of being so far to the right wing they make Nixon look like a hippie. Slanted news, yeah. Even I do that, as perfect as I am otherwise. These dudes and dudettes though, it’s like a puke-fest all the way through. Their parent corporation, Freedom Corp., as Orwellian name as could be contrived… Went bankrupt and spent years in receivership and, despite not being able to actually pay any bills, were still allowed to continue running in the red. Not just in Colorado Springs or even just Colorado… Kansas, Oklahoma, Nuevo Mejico, Utah, Montana… a rogues gallery of right wing extremists. Probably a tax scam. Anyway, while researching recent evictions, I noticed something under their title… “Pulitzer Prize”. Yes, messieurs et mesdames, they actually got or at least claim an award for Journalism. While and at the same time decrying other people not being able to pay bills and such, screaming they were, shrill shrieks and rivers of crocodile tears. Demanding stiffer penalties and a crackdown on Deadbeats, but mostly those who were not interstate propaganda cartels. And they took exception at weblogs, like this one, and making statements that we’re not protected under the first amendment because we weren’t officially the press and we write instead of speech. So I can now assert, again, my title as a Journalist. Nanny nanny boo boo, stick your heads in doo-doo.

It’s also appropriate to point out that other Independent Newspapers like, for instance, the Colorado Springs Independent, who give away their product every Thursday, make actual profits.

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