Miracle on Hardwood 1972

Yeah. It’s happening again. The Miracle On Ice, revisited. God how I hate the Olympics years. Not only do they have the constant rehash of bombastic imperialistic wack-job bullshit about how the U.S. hockey team winning a game, a game which children play for fun, is equivalent to Moral and Any Other Kind Of Superiority of the American Race whatever the fuck that is… Get over yourselves… But there’s a second one from 1972, where the Soviet Team won a Basketball game, allegedly on a bad call at the very end.
Again, get over yourselves. If a game can be won or lost in the last minute of play, that means the score was very close at that time. Happens in the NBA all the fucking time, in college play All The well you know Time. But the USA team, acting as Professional Crybabies of the worst possible kind, refuse to this day to claim their Silver Medals. Get Over Your Bad Selves. Damn.

It’s a GAME. The world does not revolve around a GAME of any sort. What would you, the allegedly super race, the supposedly Anointed Ones, what kind of idiotic trash talk would you be spewing if the “last minute call” had fallen in American advantage? What if as a result of that the Russians had done the “refuse to take a silver medal” bullshit? If the Russians had taken the gold in Hockey instead of America, would THEY be anointed as the divine rulers of Earth and Space?

As for the Olympics as an entity, it was started not as a model for peace, but for the Greek kings (Athenian, Hellene, Trojan, Spartan etc…) to size up which soldiers they would want in their armies. The running sports, that’s how the technology of the day passed communication from one place to another. Javelin, swordsmanship, archery, shot put, discus, that was the technology of the day had as the preferred methods of introducing foreign objects onto or into the bodies of their opponents. IT WAS NOT ABOUT PEACE!

It’s still all about (very openly) the Kings of the earth vying for a perception of moral and physical superiority. The shift away from direct recruitment propaganda to a slightly modified form of recruiting. Of course, now, in nations which have the draft, Olympians are a quick way to get out of conscription. If there was a really extra strong act of heroism involved with the Olympics it would be Muhammad Ali REFUSING to be drafted later. And not as an Olympian demanding special privilege, but as a Man like any other. Stating that the draft and wars were and still are crimes against God. Draft Wall Street. Get all the 1% asswipes at all the investment and banking firms in America, and their overprivileged Demon Spawn piglets, all of them, get them into uniforms, onto airplanes which will drop them off in the countries they propose to take over.

No excuses. They want whatever dubious benefits there are in war, let the sick bastards take it themselves, finance it themselves, take the risks themselves. No pimple in the ass like Rush Limbaugh, (How did his BROTHER get out of the draft? I mean, if you had a sibling who served in war you get an automatic exemption, but David Limbaugh’s brother slithered out of the draft by having a pimple in his ass. Then later had the gall to pontificate against Anikka Sorenstam by saying that Golf Is For Male Athletes Who Are In Great Physical Strength. Why didn’t this patriotic athlete join the Army?)

Dumbshits who think war is great, as long as they don’t have to go. And they think a victory in one GAME imbues the entirety of US foreign policy with the blessing of and by God but a loss in another GAME must be cheating, paid off officials and so forth. They want the war, let’s see them fight. And finance it out of their own pockets.

Hey, I’ve got a huge ego myself. Difference is, mine is well deserved. Just ask me. And please, no more replays of the sniveling about not winning a game. 44 years worth of sniveling. Y’all are in your late 60s now. Act like it, m’kay. Goddamn titty babies.

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