Modern Day Marinus van der Lubbe

The original was a Dutch Anarchist charged with burning the Reichstag thus setting up Hitler to declare absolute dictatorship over Germany. Alledgedly mentally retarded. A bricklayer by trade. Killed by beheading. Then there’s this fellow in Deutschland who was 48, last year, allegedly killed himself in jail, not named in the article linked above, supposedly confessed to several firebombings in Germany, last day as breathing living person 14JUL2015. Alledged to be a member of a far-right group. There’s so much bullshit laid into the account that one would think he was in Denver or Cañon City or El Paso County Jail.   People, I’m being deadly serious here, QUESTION EVERY ASSERTION BY THE FUCKING COPS THAT SOMEBODY COMMITTED SUICIDE OR DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES IN CUSTODY! THIS IS MUY IMPORTANTE!

By now you might have guessed that I don’t believe any of the police claims about the un-named (in the linked article) 48 year old ex-person who died in their custody. Come on, now, this is the European Union, they have no death penalty and the punishment for committing property crimes is??? hell I don’t even know. I’m certain it ain’t nearly as severe as Texas or Colorado laws. Here you can get three years + two years parole for skipping out on paying for your meal in a restaurant. or not paying your rent. It’s called “defrauding an innkeeper”. Do it again and they up the sentence to 6 years and a four year mandatory parole. Even worse if you’re serving the time for the first offense.  So who in the hell would commit suicide for political motivated vandalism in GERMANY_?

My God, you would have to kill a few people before any jurisdiction anywhere in the EU gives you a long sentence. This smells a lot like rotten fish marinated in government bullshit. It’s like Arlo Guthrie’s conversion with Officer Obie in the Alices Restaurant song “Obie, do you really think I’d kill myself for being a litterbug?”

The omission of a name could be explained away as a “privacy” issue. The guy wasn’t even convicted, except unofficially by the government and their slave-like tame err “free” press.  The Nazis at least admitted to beheading Marinus, after a ‘fair trial’ in a Gestapo Court with a Gestapo public defender. They kept up that preposterous pretence until the final day.

Just like American Ku Klux Kops.

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