Monsanto being bought by Bayer (new stuff added)

Here’s one not making headlines, the manufacturer of Mutant Modified Organisms including tobacco that is resistant to Roundup and other clones of Agent Orange (which they stil make) is being sold offshore. How far offshore? Germany. Deutschland. Where all the lawsuits by for instance Agent Orange victims, will be the property of another corporation which means that all the progress in holding the rat-bastards accountable, because the lawsuits are going to have to be redirected, to courts in another nation… will be stalled once more. Maybe long enough that the originators of the suits will be long dead by the time anything is decided. They pulled that misdirection before, just by the way.


The link above is to Global Research who have now published even more details. One being that Roundup is carcinogenic, and they provide a link (maybe) to the GMOs which are resistant to it. By the by, Monsanto has the patent for the McDonalds Potato, which is “eyeless”. Like the seedless oranges and other products. What that means is they market a plant which you can’t grow from seeds or in the case of the Irish Caviar (taters == really bad joke) is you can’t propagate it from the potatoes you already have. You would have to buy their product year after year, without them ever answering the question, are these sterilized taters and maters and other goodies going to pass on the mutant sterility gene TO YOUR NEIGHBORS CROPS THEREBY FORCING HIM TO ALSO BUY THE MUTANTS YEAR AFTER YEAR? And the negative advertising against Organic produce, who do YOU really believe is giving up the bread to pay for them? Small independent farmers who don’t make that kind of profits?

So, lacking the proprietary information which Bayer is going to buy from Monsanto about if that eyeless potato is actually safe to eat, I can’t encourage others to boycott them. Legally. So I won’t.  But knowing their track record on agent orange, roundup and the tobacco ties, I’ll skip the Frankenfoods on my own. You’re welcome.

Also Kraft foods, you might want to consider that their corporation is a subsidiary of a Tobacco company. They promote what they call Healthy Foods but, well, gosh darn it, Tobacco is a lethal product and I really don’t believe that the same people who peddle Death are going to give a fat flying shit about my health or anybody elses.


Funny thing about that tobacco…. it was published on a science show/slash/commercial for Monsanto back in the 80s. Haven’t heard anything since.

But Agent Orange and Roundup have another similarity other than being manufactured by the same mega-corporate entity who are above all laws…

Dioxins. They’re not the part which kill the plants. Just a by-product that can’t be removed without destroying the “goodies”. And according to the U.S. Military that is the part that kills people who inhale the fumes from burning the roundup/Agent Orange treated plants… an admission the Pentagon tried to cover up. They got snitched off “narked on” by the DEA. While the Pentagon was steadily denying that Agent Orange was anything other than Safe as Water,  the DEA had sprayed large fields of merry joo wanna in Mexico with AO and damned if some smartasses decided to take the prematurely shriveled and dried product and put it on the U.S. Market. The DEA, rather than accepting any responsibilities on their part, simply warned us of Killer Weed.

And mentioned that inhaling the fumes of treated leaves was known to the Military to cause death in a most horrible fashion and had known it for a long time. Consider that when you want to get rid of your dandelions the lazy way. They even have a “super macho” commercial where the Hero is protecting his family (their words) from weeds by using RoundUp.

So, what about this tobacco which is resistant to RoundUp? It’s stated purpose of being was to breed plants which could be sprayed even after they’ve sprouted. You could put that shit on seeds all you want, soak them in it, but it’s a defoliant that destroys the capacity of the leaves to breathe. The leaves are very much functional as the “lungs” of plants. So they want to kill the weeds but not the deadly-assed cancer spreading product. That “leaves” a giant problem… the Dioxins will be absorbed into the plant. Where they will be when the tobacco is harvested, cured, chopped up and put THAT in your mouth and smoke it.

Of course we could just go ahead and believe that the U.S. Corporate BigPigs will take extra care to make their product safe. And my fingers threatened to jump off the hands rather than write that shit.

Remember, even REGULAR tobacco will cause cancer, so the industry is deliberately killing off their best customers and laughing about it. I’m just going out on a limb here and making a bold statement… Maybe the Corporates Just Don’t Give A Fat Flying Rat’s Ass about us. Our health. Our lives. Our ability to petition the government for redress of grievances.








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