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I feel that it’s my duty as a Christian but even more deeply as a human being to remind people of stupid shit like this.  You remember when exactly the name Fallujah crept into the American Psyche? I do. It was when the Bu’ush regime kept banging away about the Ba’ath party under Saddam had done a heinous slaughter… against Fallujah. This works along with the story I heard straight from some of the American airmen involved where the USAF was patrolling the Northern No Fly Zone to protect… wait for it… Dramatic pause here… So you’ll remember… the irony…. The Kurds. And one of their jackoff pilots shot up a flock of sheep including whoever was tending the flock of sheep. In Kurdistan.

That’s the same place the USAF stood down and allowed the Turks (NATO) forces to bomb the living fuck out of Kurdistan… yeah, that happened. At least once. Didn’t get much press at the time, now, did it? THIS IS NOT ANCIENT HISTORY.  The PNAC (who are enjoying a resurgence) laugh about their Corporate Advertising “free press” have gotten Americans to think in sound bites, and the People have the attention span of a goldfish and wouldn’t remember something six months after it happened. We have had visitors to the site (this one, the one you’re reading unless some other enlightened souls pick it up and reprint it) who claimed to be U.S. Marines and advocated turning Fallujah into a sheet of glass. Maybe they were grunts. Who knows? People lie a lot on the internet (that’s a Dog Bites Man story like Gee, it sure is hot in Texas or Damn, the Government has been lying to us) But these guys did at least believe that notion to be valid. Drop a Hiroshima on the town. They probably don’t recall where exactly they posted it. Some people are really proud of having no real attention span.

They consider it to be patriotic.  The bastards who herd these sheeple have a formula, called the News Cycle. The theory, actually practiced and actually successful, is that when a particularly embarrassing incident happens, they simply wait for the next News Cycle because the Horreure Du Jour will knock out any conscious recall of their prior fuckup.  And I would bet there will be twice as many people angered enough to remember that I dropped two F bombs in this narrative, twice as many will recall that than the number who will remember anything else in the post.  So I’ll put in a Jewish concept even though I am most likely pure Goy. It’s called Mitzvah. Kind of like the Bar or Bat (first is boy child other is girl child) Mitzvah that Jewish kids have to make at age 13 in order to be accepted as adults in the Tribe. They have to first prove to a rabbi they know exactly what they’re saying, that they have studied the Whole Law and understand they can’t possibly KEEP the Whole Law but… they swear to do it anyway. That’s the biggest Mitzvah. It’s a promise.

Well, I promised God and man that I would be the best and most prolific gadfly I can possibly be. When the Mighty Ones tell us bullshit, I am going to remember what they said in their previous News Cycles and put it in their smug fatuous faces. Last week the pundits predicted that Fallujah would be pacified within a few days. Turn it into the next Green Zone. They said that ISIS was falling apart, deserting in masse and …. they said that two years ago too. They also said that (whoever They are) the same thing in 1965. Many times. And 1966, 67…. and so on, about the Viet Minh “Cong”  We just numbed our minds to the exact number of times the Pentagoons and Presidential SpokesFreaks said it or exactly when. But it was a constant point. We were always told the Light At The End Of The Tunnel. McNamara told us that and by golly every presidential mouthpiece from their to eternity kept it up. We were to expect the fall of Hanoi every week.

I didn’t forget that, either. I would bet every dollar you have that some people wish the hell I would forget. Just ain’t happening folks.



That Kurdistan v Stupid USAF Pilot who couldn’t tell the difference between heavily armed humans or sheep incident… Happened in the waning days of the Clinton Regime. Bill and his (elephants were taken by surprise so captain marvel zapped him right between the eyes … sorry) advisors and Bush all said that no civilian ground targets were every fired upon. They lied. again. Stop the presses, the government lies and a man bit a dog… That line I poached from a Beatles song on side one of the White Album , was about Bungalow Bill aka General William Westmoreland of VietNam infamy.


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