More US Navy Piracy and other Racist Pig Actions

revengeArrrhh this be a bump of a prior theme, that of the US Military and specifically the Navy committing acts of Piracy such as their seizure of the Morning Glory, a privately owned oil tanker which was transporting its cargo Which Unfortunately For The Shippers came from a region of Libya which is not in the direct control of The Empire. So the REAL Neighborhood Bully (Reagan fans can suck it) robbed the owners of the cargo and the Fox Propaganda Team proclaimed those owners to be Terrorists. The picture is a National Lampoon issue called “The Revenge Issue”.  And shows a Racist picture of a clearly Arabic man being punched in the face. Why? Because OPEC nations had demanded a fair price for their product.

Can’t let that happen, now, can we? The rest of the world owes us Homage and Tribute. Or at least they owe it to our Royal Masters.

I’m not supposed to use the F word very often or even at all, but you know what? Flog that. Our friend Bruce Gagnon of Space4Peace details another instance of the pack of Pirates using public funds for private profit by taking control of the rest of the 7 Seas. Like the Aegean, Black, Adriatic etc. I should memorize them. The Morning Glory incident happened in the Mediterranean. The waters of the fabled 7 Seas provide access to the world market for like, everywhere in Europe. Maybe that’s too generic a term, but lets see.. Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, you know, if you read or watch news just every top story of “liberation” by the US and NATO will be about a country with oil being freed from the responsibility of selling their national products at a price that is more agreeable to the citizens of that country. At Gunboat Point.

Makes me really God Damn Proud to be an American, tell you whut…

And this protects our Freedom … To Obey.  If we talk back to the Protectors they’ll lock us in a jail cell and beat us. I know they did that to me. They sometimes beat somebody to death. Like the Fremont County pigs did to John Walter. Like the Denver County and Adams and Jefferson etc pigs did to Marvin Booker and so many others I lost count a long time ago. Oh, yes, we really have “freedom”…. to Obey.

If I say that to the face of a Pig meaning any cop, I’d be arrested then beaten as soon as they have me handcuffed, outnumbered and in a cell far from the view of our fellow “free citizens” Some of whom would say that I deserve it, because they’re willing slaves of the system. And also all the others around the world who are beaten into submission, at least temporarily, by our Army/Navy/Airforce/Marines death merchants.

Obey or Die.

I have a tee-shirt for sale on cafepress, a few actually, this one has the legend “Y’all can just line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass”

Soon to be published, “Resistance is Crucial, I will not be assimilated” and “Compliance is futile, I will not be assimilated”

I’ve got a few.


























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