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There’s a perfect storm for a Petition Drive which will directly impact the Strip Mining and Fracking bastards. The Sioux band at standing rock are protesting the Dakota pipeline being forced on their land. The Pigs arrested 11 people on behalf of the Oily Slimy corporation running the operation. The petition needs to be (two of them actually) written, of which I have no clue how to word it. And some to volunteer to accost strangers in parks (Acacia comes to mind, as it’s near Shitty Hall) with the “excuse me, are you a registered voter?” routine. The petitions will be to the DNC and RNC respectively to have the Anointed Ones who they chose to be our only choice for the next presidency… have them make clear policy statements about the Lakota claims AND the Cherokee claims to a mountaintop removal scheme perpetrated by the Governor of Tennessee to destroy a sacred mountain in Chattanooga.

The video shows the cops using brutality to arrest people for protesting on their own sovereign lands. The Tennessee cops have done the same thing, repeatedly. Especially the kolas who often read these posts, please help. Any Cherokee as well, especially if you have a BIA card. I would expect the DNC will respond with weasel words, and the Donald on the other side might make a direct racial slur about it.

This probably won’t affect the general election, much, but the linked video, which can be viewed on Space4Peace, there’s a link just to the right of this post. —>>> yeah, that one, the video as I started to mention has 12 and 1/2 million hits. Some people apparently are watching what goes on. A-ho, kolas . It’s time to ride.

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