Next Hot-Button for Trumpistas: Islam

They had a headline on I believe the Enquirer, one of Mr Trumps properties, that 54 Muslim “spies” were identified working at the CIA. Imagine that, the CIA has a lot of operations in the Muslim parts of the world, why wouldn’t they have Muslim employees or contractors? (with no notation of their nationalities, and it would be amazing if a country who is under the Imperial Yoke didn’t have some CIA recruitment among the population… and there’s malcontents in every group, they taught me that in the ROTC and later in the Air Farts.) Since the CIA has a security curtain on the Freedom of Information Act, something about national insecurity… we don’t have an accurate count of how many people are employed by the CIA but I would start my estimate at around a very large number, one that would swallow up the 54 Muslim “spies” working there. And “there” covers a ridiculously big area. Remember, the Empire feels they have the right to run every country in the world for their profit margin. O, I was supposed to say “for the safety of America” or some other stupid shit. That leads to another freaky little fact…
Where the Hell did they get that information and if it’s classified (want to find out? Call the CIA and ask them…) AND published in a large birdcage liner owned by the Incoming President who, by the way, has exactly NO political power yet… then somebody is involved in a little bit of treason, yes?
And all employees at the CIA could be classified as Spies. And their names and any other personal identifiers would be a different definition of classified.

So that leads up to how the stupid ones start a propaganda cycle. What will be the next big putsch from the Cyber-Nazi misinformation team? Could it be, possible, that they’re going on a Muslim Hunt?

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