North Korea national debt $10B, $3B being domestic.

Yeah, THAT N Korea. The N Korea who, 60 some odd years ago, faced down the armies not only of the United Imperial States but those of the United Nations.  And have kept their sovereign status ever since 1947. To put it poetically, they rolled the asses of every nation in the world, or at least those who swarmed the peninsula, rolled them up into one collective ass and then proceeded to kick that ass.

Although, from Tae Kwon Do class I learned that the ass is the least effective place to kick somebody. Lots of fat, muscle and ligaments surrounding some massive bones. But I once again regress.

The U.S. has, by contrast, trillions of dollars in debt, the vast majority of which is War debt, even though, as in the case of Korea,  the United States  has not actually declared war since Germany, Italy and Vichy France declared war in December of 1941, in response to the Empire of the United States declaring war against the Empire of Japan. When German et al made their declaration the United Imperial States responded in kind. Just a formality, one which has not been given by the Empire again. Instead the Empire has used the tactic which is considered to be Terrorism when a non-US non-client puppet dictatorship like Kuwait or Israel  does the same thing… Take the entire and best munitions available and bomb the living dogshit out of the rival state.

Trillions of dollars of said weapons, plus some for the Client Dictatorships, plus all the other costs of doing Terrorism around the world, just in a very methodic and high tech way so they can deny they’re committing Terrorism.

And N Korea, long accused by the CIA of sponsoring Terror, has an external debt of $3B.  When comparing the two models of economy, Remember that a Trillion is 1,000 Billion. And the US blew past 3 trillion at least a decade ago.

I believe we’re looking at 20T in our rear view mirror fading quickly on the horizon. According to the CIA.


Maybe the U.S. Imperial Government could spend their military money a little bit teeny weeny little bit more to the Frugal and actual Conservative side, and simply forget all about keeping the soldiers (American and Clients) alive, healthy and well paid. Just hire Suicide Bombers.

You only pay a suicide bomber once, and apparently they cost way less than the quarterly maintenance on a tank, warship or airplane. Since the shadow government of the US creates the conditions that foster and nurture the level of  zealot behaviour and thought one needs to be a suicide bomber. Just sayin’ is all.

And while on that subject, why not pay the Suicide Bombers we’ve created (so far) DIRECTLY instead of the voodoo economics scenario used by Poindexter/North/Secord/Bush the Elder/Reagan/Reagan’s Dope-dealing sons/Casey etc which is actually treasonous even to this day,  Selling Colombian coke to Cuban immigrant mobsters and using the profits to buy shitloads of weapons and sell them to all sides in Lebanon, El Salvador, Iran, Iraq, etc etc…

Just pay your hired killers a decent wage, ALL of them. But Nooooooo…. hell, even American soldiers aren’t paid union scale. If you’re going to use puppets like al Qa’eda and ISIS to frighten American Taxpayers into shelling out more bread that goes mostly into the pockets of scum like the IranContra planners.

And, once again, a message to Ollie North…. three words, Ollie… Semper. Fi. Punk. There are three hundred Marine corpses who no longer have the means to tell you that themselves. Bitch.












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  1. Brother Jonah Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah that was pretty much dedicated to Marine Lt Colonel Oliver North and his fellow traitors. The treasonous punk is beating on the North Korea drum loudly nowadays. Almost as his anti-Semitic dismissal on all Muslims including the ones who are putting money in his pockets.

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