Nostril Dumb-ass joins anti-Russian chorus

No, really. There’s a large body of Pro-Exeptionalism propaganda on the Smithsonian and Nat Geo and Discovery and Science Channels… all of whom had a respectable reputation until they were bought out by Rupert Murdoch. One show yesterday (never watch TV simply because you’re bored… true story) about the “prophet” and his prediction that Russia would one day pose a threat to the rest of the world. And his modern day interpreter said with a straight face that Russia was “the greatest threat to world peace.”  I know, right? It’s almost funny in it’s absurdity.  The U.S. is currently engaged in current War Crimes on a massive scale, and planned future adventures, and blatantly threatening any nation or other group that doesn’t bow down and worship the U.S.  To the extend that we have not only the greatest investment in continual warfare  IN THE WORLD but it has roughly 1/3 of the war budget of the top 15 countries. But hey, Nostradamus said it’s Russia. With it’s 66 billion dollars versus almost 600 billion of the U.S. And, according to his disciples, he’s never been wrong. BUT that doesn’t count the prophecies which haven’t panned out. There’s a sweet little loophole in the prophecy game. All the things you predicted get counted as credit. Any prophecies that have not been fulfilled, are just “Not Yet” so they don’t count. Man, what a racket! And the more famous you are for having accurate prophecies, the more people will strain the boundaries in order to give you a higher accuracy score. So if he (and he did) predicted  wars between France, Germany, Spain and England he not only gets the credit which is somewhat more like 85 over 15 percent just because… in any given century… but his disciples will give him high honors for just guessing. Sweet. But now the propaganda teams drumming up support for war with Russia are using his awkward crap as a way to convince the really dumb ones.

They’ll no doubt say that a prophecy about a river, the Danube but had a Roman name of “Hister” just has to be about Adolph Hitler.

First, the Danube is the border for so many very fractious nations it would be See Above Snark About Predicting That European Powers  Would Go To War Sometime In The Future. Hitler is a corruption of a German word. Doesn’t even sound like Hister. It’s not a synonym, which is a word that is roughly equal in meaning, like Red and Crimson, or Blue and Melancholy. Nor is it a homonym, a word that sounds like another word, like to, two, too, tout (in French it means “all” and the phonetic pronounciation is the same as to, two, too, tutu, you’ve probably got the idea but Some People are deliberately slow. It’s not inability to learn, or being lazy and just not studying, it’s more like they’ll try to move Heaven and Earth to make their WRONG assumptions seem to be correct. It’s like anthropomorphism. Assigning human attributes to non humans. Psychologists have long known that people will see familiar patterns even in the images of and especially in images of unfamiliar objects. Like “oh, that cloud looks just like a butterfly!’ or whatever. “Oh, that one looks like a dog!” “Well, Doctor, this inkblot looks like ____”

They can do the same with other neural perceptions, like sounds. “Damn, the band Badfinger sounds so much like the Beatles they must be the Beatles, reorganized” (they were totally different and none of either band played for the other) Or they can hear a politician say War war war and they’ll interpret it as peace peace peace. Since the advertising firms who contract to write propaganda for any government or company that can afford their fees, also employ psychologists who, instead of trying to help people, instead help organizations deceive people. Organizations like Smithsonian, National Geographic, Science Channel, Fox News, MicroSoft/NBC, Disney, you know the ones.

But, yeah, they are organizing an offensive against Russia. They’re the same ones who claimed Nostril Damn Us predicted Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. It’s natural as drinking water to believe that you’re seeing what you already believed. What’s un-natural is the deliberate manipulation of that tendency for political but more important financial gain. Scientifically, methodically, ruthlessly.

and yes, all wars are about transference of money or other resources from one group to another. The belligerent parties will tell you great swelling lies about patriotism, religion, phantom fears… but it’s always about greed and the “Leaders” all know that. It’s always the same.

It’s the reason they hire psychologists and other priests to convince YOU to go and kill and/or die for money that’s going into THEIR pockets.


















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