Not sabre rattling, not a surprise and didn’t start in October.

The war mongers, the ones who make money from the death of others, aren’t rattling sabres. They’re already bombing Syria, Libya, Iraq, every damn day. And it’s been going on for a while. The sham “election” in which we’re told to pick from only two candidates has been a cover for the murders the Pentagon has ordered and ordinary soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen are carrying out.  The generals and the Other Political puppetmasters don’t care about freedom in any way, other than the manifestations of it which slow down their imperial plans. They don’t care about our freedoms as Americans any more than they care about the lives of Iraqi or Libyan or Iranian or Russian civilians and especially children. That’s right, I’m trotting out the Baby Killer phrase. If you run that “just following orders” or any fake concern about the rights of the people, any of the people especially right here in America, then you’re lying. To your selves and the shrinking number of people who believe your bullshit.

The only way to stop the warmongering and imperialism, espoused by both “major party” candidates, is a general mutiny in the American military, across the board.  That means when They tell you (I’m pointing this directly at soldiers) to suit up and put down a lawful protest by your fellow Americans, REFUSE. Do you believe that your use of WMDs against civilians in other countries will stop in those countries? Your Pig comrades in North Dakota have gassed Natives, not just in the current standoff at Standing Rock. Your Pig comrades have done the same thing here in Colorado, and Texas. They’ve shot Americans In The Back, sometimes while the victims were handcuffed, and the Kangaroo Kourt Koalition have laughed away any petition for redress. That’s YOUR system, YOUR murders.

The PIGS tell anybody convicted of any crime to “take ownership” well, PIGS, you should take ownership of YOUR crimes. Except you’re too damn chickenshit to do that. You’ll hide behind your comrades on the streets, in the military and in the Rigged court system. And hide behind the Back the Badge morons.

You’ve tried and apparently in many cases you’ve succeeded in hiding your crimes behind the Election. And gassed Americans who opposed your lies in the streets. Not just now, not just in this century. Since the beginning of the Revolution, well, even earlier.

The Boston Massacre we’re taught to honor as “heroic”  was rigged beforehand, how’s that for “recent”?. Rigged to get some civilians killed. You notice, if you read the accounts, exactly NONE of those sainted “founding fathers” took part in it. Washington, Franklin, Any of the Adams Family, Jefferson, Revere, none. They used the mob to further their political ends just as their descendants use the Mob to “justify” use of chemical weapons, regular weapons, brutality during and after the arrests. All to promote and subsidize the businesses of the Very Rich. The fight in Libya and Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan has nothing to do with human rights, at least on the U.S. and NATO action levels. It’s to make the richest even richer. If you feel that’s too repetitious, maybe it’s YOUR attention span that’s at fault.

Of course your recruiters and other slave-trainers won’t take ownership of that and they’ll urge you not to take ownership. If you’re too stupid or lazy or cowardly to even think of such things, is that MY fault?

And you don’t limit the baby-killing to foreign interests, brown people in other lands or this one. You’re teaching YOUR kids to be cannon fodder. Telling them all those lies about freedom and national honor. Killing them slowly. Death on the installment plan. Training them in Boy Scouts and other paramilitary groups to accept their assigned role of being a pawn, just like Mommy and Daddy.

Be sure to tell them it’s a family tradition! That lie has worked for millennia too. Tell them they’re doing it for God, because, hey, you’ve used THAT one all the damn time and still are.  For a quick example of the hubris and hypocrisy involved, I bet half the churches here in Colorado Springs told their congregations to support the war because the ISIS and others are “taking the name of God in vain” or a variant thereof.  Combined with high praise for the “christian” warriors and Israel who are “fighting For God”

Yeah, I’m pulling the religious fanaticism card. Why not? Your sold out chaplains, including civilian preachers, already did. The Boy Scouts use that ploy as well. Tell them young and teach propagandize? Indoctrinate? Radicalize? Brainwash? them to “honor” God by killing other people who are children of the living God as well. How well does that compare to the alleged fanaticism of al Q’aeda or ISIS or Hizbollah? I see an exact match, myself. Go ahead, throw that stone. Maybe it’ll bounce back and hit you.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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