Not so much bread, plenty of circus.

At last the modern gladiatorial spectacle in Rio is over. Yay! To not take away any reward gotten by the slave-entertainers, if you won anything good for you. The United States didn’t win a single thing. Seriously.  The athletes who won any medals, those medals belong to the athletes. If they can make money from doing commercials, well, that’s about as much as they can get. At least they didn’t get sold like the original Olympic gladiators. I know, the term Olympic is Greek and Gladiator is Latin, but the Games served the same purposes whether Roman or Athenian. Keep the peasants eyes diverted from the dirty secrets of the rulers. And provide the very rich of many nations a review of their prospective purchases of slave-soldiers. Like the modern military recruiters only more direct about buying human beings to kill other human beings. And the military, you might have noticed, exploited the U.S. Olimpic athletes for recruitment ads and you’ll see more of that shit in the coming weeks and months. The Games never were about honoring the athletes.  Who are, like their professional counterparts in the NFL, MLB, NBA , hockey, soccer, whoever is more idolized in the local media,… they’re entertainers. That’s their primary job today. The teams are privately owned but publicly subsidized.  And there’s that military angle.

Anybody who thinks the Modern or Ancient Olympiads were about Peace are seriously deluded.  It was a meat market. And if any cops or other soldiers believe they’re regarded in any way more than property of their Masters, they too are seriously deluded. Their jobs are the same as those displayed in the ancient olympics. Killing other slave-soldiers and sometimes civilian slaves.

Not for the glory or freedom of their societies, just as now they killed and died to make money for their Masters. Don’t look to the presidents or senates or parliaments of any nation to be top-heavy with the Ruling Class.  They exist merely to keep the money flowing to the Ruling Class. Higher paid slaves, but still slaves. Betimes a Ruling Class person will dabble in politics himself. Bush, Clinton, Roosevelt, you know. A litany of (in)famous names.

But still the functions of government are mostly accomplished by bureaucrats who, like the elected ones, the “ostensible” government… are servants to the Ruling Class.

The ancient Olympians displayed their talents in such things as the shot put, leaping, running, swordsmen and archers, the discus, spears, … arts and weapons of war. Each Olympian could be sold to another king than the one to whom he had pledged his allegiance.  Just another commodity.

And just as the Olympics fade into the heat of the August sun, we get the finals of Baseball and the beginnings of the Football. Hooray! O Frabjous day, calloo callay! he chortled in his glee. And we all get to pay for it! Some of your state and even federal taxes goes to finance teams like the Rockies, the Donkos, the nuggets, who am I forgetting? Doesn’t matter anyway.

In closing, I’m going to put down the USOC for trying to have the entire Russian program disqualified.  The USOC insisted and to me, it screams that they can’t man up and try to win honestly. And their political motivation is clear to the rest of the world. They want to prove that American capitalism is better than Russian capitalism, and if they can’t get that by honest effort, “our” leaders would pull every dishonest power-play they could think up. Shame!






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