Now that it is officially Operation Enduring Occupation…

What sort of deal will we make with the Iraqi, Afghan, Brazilian, Libyan, however you would put the same descriptions on Sudan and Chad (Chadian? doesn’t even sound right) and other occupied territories. Israeli colonialists can have dual citizenship with the US just as long as they are not “arab”. Hawaii was obtained in a similar way and became a state. The entirety of the States have that, and there is now some measure of citizenship  for Native inhabitants , Guam and Puerto Rico have limited citizenship in their occupied nations, The Philippines are regarded by the Pentagon to be a permanent naval base for planned strikes against countries which are on the list to be “liberated”, South Korea and Taiwan the same way. So are we going to give these newly conquered oopsie I mean “liberated” people full rights as American citizens, like protections in the courts, voting in federal elections, Social Security, anything on those lines? Of the millions upon millions of Natives in Occupied America including Alaska, Hawaii, and the territories like Guam and Puerto Rico, it took us until 1911 to be recognized as citizens. It took our women a bit longer. That “no taxation without representation” the TeaBaggers like to scream doesn’t get applied to other Occupied Territories. Iraq is being forced to pay reparations for somehow having forced the United States to occupy their nation, that’s a vile and wicked form of Taxation. The de facto rulers of America predicted in the well documented Project for the New American Century that we the people would simply allow them to take over the entire world.

Iraq and Afghanistan were so far handed the right to obey the US Military and mercenary forces or be shot to death. Maybe Droned. Basically the same deal the US gave Panama after the US Oligarchy “liberated” them with a rigged revolution in order to give the US Oligarchy full control of the Panama Canal FOREVER.  “we” demonstrated that to them a few times.Like extraditing Manuel Noriega on a very suspicious charge of having ordered the murder of a US serviceman. Who exactly was this mythical dead soldier?  How are we to know that he even existed or if he was murdered by his fellow soldiers (happens on US military bases all the time. Don’t believe me? Look up all the appeals of UCMJ convictions for murder. Quite a few actually)  Miraculous how that happened at the time “our” lease was up and “we” were supposed to turn the Canal Zone over to the Panamian Made-up Nation.  Right Wing bitch moan and snivel experts said it would be treason for the US to honor a treaty like that.

Where’s that million pounds of Nerve Gas that Saddam supposedly had? We’ve got about 5 times that much mustard gas right here in Pueblo, at the corner of Fart Cartoon and Cheyenne Mountain. Decaying and the Army says they can’t dispose of it safely. That being the same Lying US Army whose leaders had to parrot the Bush Shit about “Saddam is refusing to get rid of his WMDs”

That’s the great thing about me being a civilian for the past almost 4 decades. If I was still in I would have to lie right along with the rest of them. I would be under orders to do so.

I mean, sure, their Police State has beaten me while handcuffed a few (dozen) times for what would be protected Free Speech, if the pigs actually followed the laws they claim to enforce. It would be worse if I was still in the Air Farce. (Peace is our profession but killing is just our hobby). And they still have the option to go all the way the next time. Like they did with John Walter and Marvin Booker and so very many others. The Army deals with the entire Iraqi people that way. Y’all Iraqis better not talk back to them there “peacekeepers’. Because the fucking crybabies can’t take being “disrespected”. Don’t feel too bad about it, though. Our Cops do the same thing right here in  America.

Maybe you really ARE getting the same rights as we are, come to think of it…





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