Obama calls for allegedly “proportional” retaliations for ALLEGED hacking of Election.

Let’s get this clear. Pots and Kettles. The US has meddled in or outright overturned elections so many times even people who are paid to sit at desks monitoring and counting them can’t keep up. Bolivia: a coup by Luis Garcia Meza Tejada which was a direct precursor to the Contras and the Medellin Cartel financing (not always successful) coups and assassinations around the globe. Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Grenada, Nicaragua, El Salvador, (where They murdered the Archbishop Oscar Romero during Mass. Church/Mosque/Temple/Synagogue mass shootings are the favorites of these Terrorists who are heavily embedded with the US Republican and Democratic parties and the Military and Police). A coup in Panama when the top Banana in the Republic stopped cooperating with the U.S. Terrorist Police State. Killing Pablo Escobar because his unofficial government became an embarrassing liability to the Reagan-Bush regime, did anybody else notice how much of a happy coincidence the last two coups listed there just happened to be at a time when the Iran-Contra “scandal” was hot in the news? What with the North-Poindexter-Secord axis of evil using Escobar, Hussein, Noriega, Eden Pastora, and a whole mess of Iranian military and Cuban mafiosi who were “cracking” the living dogshit out of America to launder money for mass murder? I would say war but wars ARE Mass Murder.

Vietnam, the only time a supposedly elected regime in Saigon was changed was in a coup initiated by the CIA-Pentagon led Army of the Republic of VietNam, look it up. Operation Condor, coups in every banana republic in Central and South America and Mexico.

Doroteo “Pancho Villa” Arango and Emiliano Zapato  were murdered by U.S. Army assassins -Terrorists- because Porfirio-Diaz got his U.S. Puppet Dictatorship overturned. In Iraq and Afghanistan, once they were formally yet unofficially annexed by the Murder Regime, doesn’t matter if it’s Clinton or Bush the First and Bush Jr, Reagan, Obama, Trump/Other Clinton (it’s not yet formalized which Corporate Puppet wins the election) The list goes on and on. Election by Assassination. In Iraq Afghanistan the people weren’t actually told who they could vote FOR, but they had a long list of people they were to forbidden to elect. And the U.S. Army personnel, heavily armed, to make sure nobody voted for The Wrong People, hell, that’s not manipulation of a SUPPOSEDLY “free election” no sir! It’s just a coincidence.

So, Mr Obama, where exactly does Proportionality enter into this picture? Are we going to have Soldiers guarding the polls against “disruptions” like voting for unapproved candidates?

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