OK by now everybody knows about Jill Stein

or not. but she’s doing what is the right of every candidate, demanding a recount. In three states where tampering is strongly suspected.. and it might overthrow the Trump empire in favor of the Hillary empire. Either way america is already screwed, IF We the Peasants rely entirely on Top Down dictatorship. Everybody knows and perhaps most have acknowledged that the whole Presidential Election has been a massive fraud. It’s as though the Democratic and Republican Parties are NOT separate entities. That the Democratic and Republican conventions rigged it to be a no-choice election, either could have come out with a “victory” but… it wouldn’t make any difference. The choice of Running Mates is mighty suspect (“suspicious” better describes the person who suspects) as BOTH Hill and Trump could easily be impeached. In an impeachment, maybe you heard this before when Sarah Palin fans said “they” would impeach Obama, which is bullshit from the beginning, Congress impeaches… and that would make Simple Sarah president. Not so.

There’s an order of succession starting with the Vice President, Al Haig tried to jump the line when Reagan got shot. And got fired. But, some might say, how can a minority party like the Greens get a recall in a Presidential Election if their candidate FOR PRESIDENT didn’t take diddly squat of the nationwide vote. Simple, if you’re not in deep denial about the Single Party Disguised as Two Parties crap we’ve been force fed since childhood. The Local and State elections are on the same ballots. Thus, something like a virtual shoo-in for a City Council or School Board or Sheriff or County Commissioner which doesn’t add up, more voters photographed coming out of the election center than ballots counted, that’s a hell of a way to find Vote Fraud. Federal level Ballot Tampering Fraud is no more nor less a crime than tampering with Municipal elections. This sets up multiple scenarios.

First there’s the notion that miscounted ballots (let’s leave the fraud part, and say “human error” with no evil intended) sway the election the other direction. Hillary apparently got 2 million more votes than Trump just in the acknowledged counts. And here, and this is important, neither got a majority of the vote. She just got the largest minority of the vote. Win For Hillary, Bad For America.

Next is the finding of No Way does it overturn the Presidential Election. Win for Trump, Bad for America. Since Hillary was a professional Prosecutor who apparently let Mr Trump slide for his many crimes in New York, the Ones He Boasts Of Committing… and Trump is an amateur Prosecutor who advocates killing 5 defendants who were eventually acquitted of a rape they didn’t commit, and wants (allegedly) to have Hillary prosecuted, and both have a nasty reputation for corruption over Decades,
neither of them is fit for president.

So America loses on that score

No matter what.

But there’s also the municipal and county and state offices to consider.
So the next scenario is that it’s found that Democratic or better yet Green Senate and House candidates win, the whole Fascist control of the Congress is called into question. With or without any overturn of the still undecided election. The State Courts would not be subjected to a rubber stamp Republican process which would automatically be decided by Loyalty to Party rather than Interest in Fair Law. Win for america, Really Bad News for the Republicrat/DemoGOP political machine.

and if there IS fraud it can be prosecuted. And whichever president actually serving can be impeached.
Nixon didn’t automatically give the presidency to Agnew because he, too, was being prosecuted. So Agnew gave the President of Vice to Ford, then Nixon resigned and Ford Pardoned The Guy Who Gave Him The Job And Denied There Was Any Deal. This time, though, the Vice Lord would be the next President.

A soft coup. That can be done without a recount too. Both Presumptive Presidents are criminals.
Win for nobody.

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