One neat thing about fuzzy vision

Sometimes, like earlier this evening I mistook one word for another in a TV ad. Happens to me a lot. Then I thought, like always. I said to myself, Self, there’s a lesson here, but how to impart it to others? Because I saw commercials for us to buy a brand new Dictator/Warmonger-in-Chief and the Establishment is really only offering two brands. Something really odd considering their collective record. They both keep saying they’re for Peace. As usual, both are lying. Trump vows to cut war spending and other subsidies for his own personal welfare, but says stupid shit like building a border wall bigger than any built before. Decreasing government oversight of Americans while and at the same time investigation of the citizenship, place of birth and religious convictions of every person in America and presumably the world. In order to expect any results of such fantasies the Global War on Everybody would expand, not decrease. Mass deportations would start a massive escalation of the existing civil war in America, oh boy, that will really get the economy kickstarted. We can deliberately do to America through direct taxpayer subsidized government actions which would guarantee poverty and economic destruction, like, for instance, The Wonderful Economic Boom shown by any country the U.S. has bombed lately. Right here at home. And that’s just one aspect.

The lesson? It doesn’t take 20/20 vision to see crap. Helen Keller could see the bullshit being thrown to us. Killary and Chump keep talking about peace, in their commercials. Brought to us by Madison Avenue, the propaganda arm of Wall Street. There’s big money in the electoral process. And you can bet your ass they ain’t giving any of it to the have-nots. For some reason they’re spending a whole bunch of bread convincing me and thee and he and she and we that they actually hear, understand and are working toward Peace. It’s a big catchword. Trending. Viral. For all their other dictatorial actions in which they indulge daily, they seem to believe, enough to spend a lot of Wall Street money to convince us they actually stand for peace. There must be some Technical Difficulty implementing their Police State Empire. Something on the lines they’re in danger of the people rising against their oligarchy. Rising in a definitely not-pleasant and not-peaceful way. And they’ve destabilized or pissed off or both Every Other Country In The World so the classic of the Former Leader getting on a heavily guarded plane with a few suitcases filled with money. won’t work because everywhere in the world they now have a hit on them. They’re also spending a lot of bread trying to convince us there’s no possible other option. Or maybe I’m misreading it.

but I bet I’m not.

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