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Sometimes I check the news stories to see if Eric is all right. Of course, the local newspropaganda outlets are pretty much all wrong all the time. Like this one issue from a few years back, a Council Critter name of Daniel Chacon took issue over Tribe not bowing down to his Royal City Council. The “free” press proved themselves to be the watchlapdogs of the local establishment. With no further ado, the first thing that comes when we’re searched on Google is this ridiculous video that calls Eric “cowardly” for supposedly “attacking” our beloved Civic Leader D. Chacon. In His Absence. Come on, now. That’s, to use a W.W.One trench slang, over the top. Seriously, how do you “attack” somebody without him being there? You would think that the minions of the local propaganda outlets like KOAA and the Gazette would at least TRY to learn how to use the English or any other language before, you know, using the language. I know, the incident took place years ago. But that’s what the search engine comes up saying every time. Calling some squirrel-like humanoid or human shaped squirreloid or maybe a person sized hemorrhoid a name, like crybaby fascist lackey (I think that’s what I wrote when this was actually new) is not an attack. An attack is when you strike somebody with a body part or other object. Somebody call whine-one-one because we need the hyberbole police and a waa-mbulance The cops behind whom Mr Chacon and his fellow lackeys hide attack people all the time. Usually when such a person is handcuffed. That’s my English lesson for the day, I hope the Chacon crowd can understand. I as always am “larnin’ all them yankees to talk english good like me” To the best of my knowledge the Shitty Hall folks only speak English, and that poorly.
You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to Open an older controversy

  1. Avatar Chuck Noland says:

    I am really trying to take a stand on this post. But I can’t for the life of me figure out what you are talking about.

    Perhaps get back on your meds and try again. You might even link to a story (you know, URLs).


    P.S. Why do you Denver people even read The Gazette or listen to KOAA? Get your own damn biased media.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    Oh, somebody not paying attention. Dude, get a grip.
    No, seriously, get a tighter grip. The times i even visited Denver it was a drive through. Loved your repeated defense of Killer Kops though. If you want to know about the Chacon controversy you have to dig it up from the depths of the past. Which would be, hell, about 6 years ago.

    Good you noticed that the local snooze outlets are bias filled. Bloated with bias. To further explicate, the first page of Google if you look up either Eric or Tribe has this ridiculous train of some rightist wanking about somehow Eric had badmouthed Daniel Chacon.

    And the dumbshits can’t tell the difference between an insult, an accusation of wrongdoing (both of which are freely deployed whenever Shitty Hall is concerned) and an outright attack.

    It’s simple English. Which, the only other tongue in which I can hold a conversation beyond “where is the bathroom?” or “How much is this crap you’re selling me?” is Spanish, so I don’t put people down for speaking english only, it is a very difficult language. But when they insist (it’s a big hangup some Springs denizens suffer, and that not very quietly) that only English should be spoken in America… well, that opens the door for a little nose tweaking. It gives me a moral high ground when they speak stupidly and worse yet with abso-damn-lutely no regard for their own beloved language. And for some reason we get three links on the first page of any Google search which address that issue, Eric talking smack to Chacon, even after years.

    Since Google Analytics is what assigns ranking to any search result, that means more people have been interested in an old controversy than anything new. The Pig Brutality issue is infused in just everything else now.

    And no, I don’t need any meds. I took yours and sold them. You’ll get a check for your share of the profits very soon. Maybe.

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