Outside Agitators, anybody care to bet?

There’s more to the story than a southern Sheriff saying (I was going to write it in redneck patois, but it didn’t work) “our nigras were perfectly happy with segregation until all these Outside Agitators come down stirring things up.” It’s older than that. In the 20s and 30s the Pullman workers, actually not under the direct corporate structure of the railroads, had a really strong union. And George Pullman had hiring preferences for Black workers. For the young dudes and dudettes, a Pullman car was like a portable suite of bedrooms. It cost extra to ride that, as Pullman was a separate business. When train travel was the only way to really get anywhere in America in a reasonable time. So these guys had full access to any part of the country. Nobody stopping them and asking to see their travel papers, No “please step out of the car and keep your hands where we can see them”, no arrests for DWB or NWA (the second one is “Black person With Attitude.”) They were corporate employees. Nobody would hassle or detain them. cool, huh? I mean for this purpose.

So they were in a great position to distribute newspapers from other parts of the country, detailing the civil rights struggle nationwide. With contact addresses for civil rights lawyers. Stuff you wouldn’t find in the Dallas Morning News or the Dallas Times Herald. Or their equivalent in every ignorant bigoted redneck population in the south and places like Logan and Fremont counties here in Colorado. And El Paso County. And the civil rights movement or movements didn’t start in the 1950s.

The Pullman porters union were called Freedom Riders. They spread the word that there were places in the world where you could drink from the same water found and use the same restrooms. Really big between the wars. 1918 – 1942

Detroit Ghetto Riots, there were some in the 1940s. Whites spread a rumor that the Blacks were organizing to deliberately disrespect Whites. “Bump clubs”. Supposedly the Blacks were not ACCIDENTALLY jostling Whites in crowds. On Streetcars, buses, you know. Crowded spaces. And of course the Very Uppity Northern Negroes could actually ride in any open seat or space on the bus. Sit and eat (at least officially) at any lunch counter or restaurant. It was only idyllic compared to the Jim Crow south. The War was on and there were plenty of jobs building not Cars but trucks tanks jeeps etc for the Army. Lots of opportunity the South, rural and trashed to Hell and beyond by the Depression AND the dust bowl. The White Elite called them White Trash. So, mind you, we have a lot of people who were smart enough to escape the Southern Hell. Enlightment of a sort. Kind of a dim and vague foggy light but there was a spark. The riots started. Whites doing in Detroit what the Nazis did on KristalNacht. And the backlash. Armed backlash.

Under Jim Crow Blacks would be limited to either a .22 rifle or a .410 shotgun, single shot for either one and only birdshot in the shotgun. There was a weight limit and breed limit for dogs the Blacks could have. What do y’all suspect was a priority once freed by migration?

So the Blacks fought back. Then the National Guard joined in. Guess which side. Newspapers in the south would have decried it as violence by insatiably bloodthirsty savages.

Re-enter the Outside Agitators. Newspapers telling a far different story than what the Southern papers did.

Nowadays, we are treated to media giants broadcasting worldwide at the speed of about 2/3rd light speed. And we’re told by these Gentle Giants who have nothing but love and concern for our well being that Outside Agitators, one of the latest being ISIS are radicalizing Americans. We’re given lurid story after well, whatever scam The Leaders approve to give us the impression there’s a boogieman in our midst. But it’s not the Outside Agitators who are recruiting for the ranks of militancy. Unless you count the full weight of the Empire being applied to such things as Cops killing kids. Adults. Some white, some “mex”, some Black, to “control the security of the Nation”. It’s Government officials telling us that killing people is for their and Our protection. Like when the Dallas Police protected Etta Collins to death 30 years ago or Marvin Booker or Oscar Grant or John Walter. and a vast Army of The Dead being mourned across the country.

Like the Mobile VietNam Wall exhibit that’s coming this week to Colorado. Only the memorials to victims of the police aren’t exactly government sanctioned or subsidized. Of course the Pentagon sponsored eulogies aren’t in any way to boost recruiting and enlistment into the Global War On Terror or whatever the hell is the newest dumbshit euphemism for unbridled Imperialism.

And those who have received non-fatal beatings at the hands of the police. Yeah. People do remember those things. Much as the Government Sponsored “independent” corporate media try to bury the memories. Those are the events and people who create terrorism.

Kind of a “build your own monster” kit for the Police State.

The Dallas Police took a severe spanking yesterday for their long and bitterly resented War On Black People.

They’ve struggled against equality of privilege and rights since the beginning, during the Texas revolution.

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