Pam Gellar makes racist statement about US Muslim Fencer – Startling?

because the star fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad who has already won a Bronze medal in the Sabre competition.
Which is beyond amazing in itself…. while wearing hijab. The US team never had really good performances in fencing. Partly because certain factions regard swordsmanship to be a “sissy” sport. Since they also oppose any game that requires skill over being large, I’ll just chalk it up to envy. Anyhow headlinepolitics dotcom declares Pam Gellars racism boiling over one more time is somehow “startling”… and her remarks that religious symbols should be banned from the Olympics, well, what the hell are the flags of Denmark, England, derivatives like the flags of New Zealand and a whole bunch of island republics which have commonwealth status, the Confederate Flag to which she no doubt pledges allegiance, oh, here’s a big one… Israel has the Mogen David on its flag. Ethiopia competed previously with the Lion of Judah flag. The Danish and English and Confederate and such have crosses on them. Did the Swiss take any heat about their White Cross?

But Muslims are supposed to be Terrorists. In prisons across the country there’s a movement of supposedly christian volunteers and christian prisoners to blame Islam for every war ever. Even though Islam is the new kid on the religious block. Huge wars stemming from conflicts between the Greek Empire and the Persian Empire 3000 years ago flare up regularly. Get woven into the fabric of the war currently strangling every part of the earth. The ancient greeks and persians including everywhere from India to Egypt were NOT Muslim. Turkey and Syria and Lebanon were greek territory. Phoenician. The Bible called them Philistines and the region Palestine.

So where’s the ban on religious symbols actually enforced in the Olympics?

To be fair, I had to go through 7 pages of search engine results to find a negative comment about it.
If that means “politically correct” then hooray for p.c., man!

I can easily see that being nice to people, especially those who don’t deserve it, is a massive improvement over the practice of pick-up-a-sword-and-slice ‘n’ dice.

We have too much of the latter and too little of the prior. But you know, after 370 words I still am confused by the headline (not mine, I like mine) that Pam Gellar said something startling. Damn it, the woman makes stupid racist comments all the time. Reaction to her stupidity is one of the best recruitment factors for liberalism and generally left politics. Kind of a female Trump.

Saying Ms Gellar made mouth farts about just any subject which were controversial, backward and hateful is definitely NOT man-bites-dog journalism.

The prison indoctrination hate groups say “what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘terrorist’?” and cajole and babytalk you trying to get you to say Muslim or Arab. Because that’s their agenda. Decision Magazine, which promotes Pam Gellar and other Hate Freaks, is their new bible.

One word defeats them, Irish. Irish people have been killing each other in the name of Jesus for centuries. Maybe there’s a perception thing going, but I have Irish relatives (most of whom have not killed each other or for that matter anybody.) and the overly-hyped IRA v Orangemen not very peaceful debate is sort of family gossip. I add U.S. Army as the next one because, well, we have family experiences with that group as well. And of all that, you know what? Not a single one was wearing hijab. To the terrorist factions of christianity it doesn’t suffice to say you’re christian. No sir. You have to be the Right Kind of christian who believes and hates the same way they do. They’ll tell you all the different flavors of Christianity and how each of those flavors is wrong except their own denomination. And Black Churches who are say, Pentecostal aren’t equal to White congregations of Pentecostal. Ms Gellar not very politely explained that in her hate diatribes against Rev Jeremiah Wright and suggested (demanded) that Black congregations should have White leadership.

While they eagerly explain the denomiational differences no matter how subtle, they refuse to view Islam as anything but Monolithic. Which it isn’t. Just as Judaism covers a large area of theology including Christianity and Islam. Probably won’t get many Christians to admit this, maybe not even very many Orthodox, Kabala, Reform, Hassidic or well, whole bunch of sects, won’t get very many who’ll acknowledge Christians or Muslims as such. I don’t see it through their eyes, just published beliefs.

Arab nations and Persian Nations, even with majority of Islam, there are very few who don’t have at least one church and one synagogue. There were about 2 million Christian Iraqis (Tariq Aziz was) at the start of Operation Destroy Iraqi Anything. A lot of Muslim clerics said Hussein wasn’t a “real” Muslim. Theres dissent about the King of Saudi Arabia, the Ayatollahs, maybe it’s because I bother to look and listen for such variety of opinion that I actually find it.

Tell you what, bubba or bubbette, if you only believe what your pastor told you, you ain’t going to find any differences in the so-called Monolithic religious structures.

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