Pearl Harbor, US not an innocent victim.

At the time the US was unofficially bombing the crap out of Empire of Japan troops and facilities under the false flag of a “mercenary volunteer air force” called the Flying Tigers. It’s the same agreement, different empire, the Italian-Spanish-Decommissioned Luftwaffe “volunteer” air force bombing the living dogshit out of places like Guernica and Ethiopia. The Japanese were scavenging the last remnants of the Chinese Empire, so were the British Empire and the US was officially neutral.
The German Navy had recently sank the USS Reuben James right off the coast of New Jersey, and the US Merchant Marine were taking many such hits all over the globe. But “we” were “neutral”. Hawaii had been claimed by the United States Empire in a rigged “revolution” against the legitimate government of Hawaii, actually a monarchy but, hey, it was THE MONARCHY OF THE PEOPLE OF HAWAII. The sugar and pineapple plantation merchants, Wall Street operating in a land they didn’t actually own, and the corporate sucks didn’t want to pay the taxes of that Foreign State. Just like the “liberation” of Panama from Colombia and Cuba and Puerto Rico and The Filipinos from Spain. Rigged coups disguised as the U.S. Benevolent Big Brother “protecting” the people of Hawaii and Pananama etc against “tyranny”.
The U.S. has been in that business since before there was a united states. Tennessee, the bad ol’ Natives like the Cherokee were taking a stand against Illegal Aliens like Daniel Boone and David Crockett’s family. They just up and decided they would break the “rebellious” Indians and their “silly ass treaties”. Yeah, Manifest Destiny, baby! With that they baptized their Imperialism, blame it all on God. And may God help us, They’re Still Doing The Exact Same Thing.

The Tigers were supporting the army of Chiang Kai Tsek. And to some extent the Mao faction, against the Chinese emperor Pu Yi and the Japanese. Also as previously mentioned the poor, destitute, powerless British Empire was beset by the horrid slant eyed Japs.

I mean, sure the Brits, Japanese, Portuguese and such were all practicing Vulture Imperialism. Theodore Roosevelt had set up a similar deal for America long before his Nephew entered American Politics. With the Japanese. Backing the Japanese Empire with promises from the Empire of America.

So, the U.S. wasn’t an “innocent victim”. In fact never has been. The U.S. government just keeps up the “boo-hoo pity us for we are chosen by God and therefore own the entire fucking world, but those mean ol’ Foreign Tyrants don’t just bow down to our well-known righteousness”

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