Ray Charles died the same day as Reagan

Damn, I sure do miss Ray Charles. Some people say that Black folk protecting their families and communities is equivalent to the Klan. Which is bullshit. Let me quantify that. 93.7 cubic kilometers of bullshit. One group that fought against Civil Rights and to this day claim that Equal Rights means Special Rights… is a group associated closely with the Klan called the John Birch Society.  The Birchers. Named for a racist Baptist preacher/missionary who used his pulpit as a cover for being an anti-Chinese spy in China. And got his stupid ass shot off. Ronald Reagan was Treasurer for this bunch of Right Wing Terrorists. Want me to tie them to religious terrorism? Easy. I worship sometimes with Southern Baptist congregations. I’m not really that damn picky.  I know, socially it’s a downgrade from my usual friends, whores, drunkards, sinners, you know.  Jesus said something about that in relation to John the BAPTIST. Who was a Nazarite, like Samson. A lot more to it than not cutting one’s hair or beard. It’s an order of priesthood, and yeah, they did some stuff that would be called Terrorism if any group of Middle Eastern religious or ethnic groups, like Samaritans who were Israelites but not Jews did it. Like Irgun and Likud they would beat up on any imperial troops.

Yeah, Jesus’ cousin was a Zealot and probably had people killed, not just Romans but collaborators with the Romans. When Arabs or Persians or Afghans do it it’s called Terrorism. When Israel or the U.S. do it it’s called Exceptionalism. Reagan and the Birchers were very much in favor of Exceptionalism.

Back to the Baptist connections. Quick quiz here, does any of my readers recall why exactly there is a denomination called Southern Baptist and why the Southern Methodists broke off from the general conventions of the Baptist and Methodist churches?

Waiting waiting wa.. times up. They broke off over the question of Should Missionaries (like John Birch) be allowed to be slaveowners and vice-versa. The Southern Methodists didn’t change the name of their college in University Park Texas. But they did reconcile with the United Methodists IN MY LIFETIME.  The Southern Baptist Churches never did give in and say that, hey, Slavery is Wrong.

And they’re still associated heavily with the Ku Klux Klan. Now, I don’t hate white folks.  Even the ones who hate me.  I ain’t going to vote for any Klan collaborators though. They (Republicans and especially Reaganites) refrain from screaming their hate in my face on one special type of occasion. An Election. At that point they get positively lovey-dovey about how much they enjoy and hope to serve Blacks, Indians, Mexicans, Disabled people, poor people in general… And they actually believe that we’re all stupid enough to believe them.

So, now, just before an election Bill O’Reilly, Chickenhawk Supreme, author of a book about a fellow Chickenhawk Bitch-ass coward named Ronald Reagan, well, he got that book turned in to a movie and the premiere is tonight on television. Guess who ain’t going to watch it nor buy the book?

I’m glad the fake-“hero” Reagan is dead. He’s in Hell where he belongs.
Ronald Reagan wasn’t a hero, but he played one on TV and in the movies. Ray Charles was a singer who lost his sight in childhood, and used his fame as a platform to break down the Segregation which Reagan tried his best to perpetuate.

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