She thinks she’s above the law… pots and kettles?

So says Donald Trump regarding one of the two women running against him. The first part. Everything past the ellipsis is my take.      Flash, Donald… you, sir, are not in a position to criticize. There’s the little incident of “fucking” Moammar Gadafi on a real estate deal, in New York City, because he’s a Muslim. That’s illegal. Landlords and Slumlords and taxi drivers and innkeepers in New York are often prosecuted for doing that. But Not Trump. Why? Because Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a trust fund believed to be over 100 million. And fraudulent real estate deals like the one with Mr Gadafi. By the way, Gadafi was never convicted or even tried on any of the accusations against him. So much for due process.

He also never claimed to be involved in the Lockerbie plane crash. Trump on the other hand boasts of his felony theft by fraud. Not that he’d be offered up to due process either, as he most obviously has the New York (state) Attorney’s Office and the New York City attorneys general for all the boroughs, completely in his pay. Also other officers of the courts, like judges. It’s my estimation that every judge in the world is on the take. It’s the mechanism for rich- bitch scumlords like Trump, the Bush Family, The Clintons, etc… to never go to jail for their many crimes.

His crime against Mr Gadafi seems to be another manifestation  of his racist and religious hatred, for which he offers no apologies. He’s proud to be a white supremacist. One of his publicists did a fluff piece in which he credits Mr Trumps Celtic ancestry for molding his personality. WTF? His own publicist says he’s worthy of being put in power over other people simply because he’s WHITE. Yeah, nothing racist about that. The group really slighted by that is the Celts. Which goes beyond Britain and Ireland. But I didn’t ever notice the Scots and Irish being especially larcenous as opposed to any other ethnicity. Nor more congenitally alcoholic.

But there it is, his personality is blamed on innocent people. He made himself to be the arrogant thief and liar he truly is. As did Hillary to her own discredit.

So he doesn’t like Muslims and Jews? Blacks, Natives and Hispanics? Tough shit. If he’s hired for the job as president he would be required to represent everybody.  The difference between him and other presidents like for instance Washington and Jefferson and Madison and Jackson and Buchanan and etc … who spoke great  words of Freedom and Equality while systematically denying either to their SLAVES… nay, the differences between he and they is their level of hypocrisy. Mr Trump is out front about wanting to bring back lynching for ethnic minorities (except his own of course) and religious fanatics (except for those who are Christian Fanatics) and Terrorists (except for the entire United States military and law enforcement organizations and the Minutemen)

Again, Ms Clinton has a scary amount of haughty imperialist actions, dreams and goals. Forget all about charging me of being pro-Hill just because I talk smack about Trump. I’m not required to be evenhanded in any of this either, in case anybody was wondering.

If I advocated lynching the way Mr Trump does, or put into action daily as Ms Clinton does, i would be thrown into prison for life.

It’s the WHIP principle. Wealth Hath Its Privileges. Like being de facto Above The Law. The revolution which started the distinction between the U.S. and the U.K. was entirely for the benefit of fat cat rich bitch bastards who murdered and enslaved people simply because they were too god-damned lazy to pick their own fucking cotton. And like Trump, they all described themselves as being working people. And like him, they were lying through their wooden teeth.

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