So here’s why I spend time trashing Corporate ads

Because it’s the same set of demon-spawn making commercials for products AND political propaganda. The same tags, the same keywords, the same bullshit. Several convenience stores (oil company owned, please don’t forget) are selling soda and chips, nothing new there, but with The Vote as a kicker. And as a real kick in the cojones they only have two choices. JILL NOT HILL!  You know how some people train puppies not to crap on the floor by “rubbing their noses in it”? Well, the corporate fascists are doing exactly that. They’re shitting on our collective floor and rubbing our collective nose in Their Shit. The commercials which aren’t blatantly political are still political in a way they hope more people don’t think about the consequences thereof. Deliberately dumbing down the peasants. And literally. Notice the huge increase in alcohol ads? Combined with truly stupid activities like Football Baseball kick in the balls. I could call it Ballshit. It’s designed perhaps by social evolution to lower your intelligence. Because stupid peasants are easier to manipulate.

There’s a commercial, several in fact, for a cable company which rhymes exactly with comcast. One of them has an actor pretending to be a Customer Service (orwellian Ministry of Truth?) person. Says “we’re changing the direction toward Customer Service.”

For those who have ever used a record turntable to actually play records, here’s where you imagine a needle being dragged across an LP from center to edge. Like Kippy the Hippie did to her side 3 of the White Album when she tried to skip Revolution No. 9 while and at the same time, simultaneously and in a synchronistic way, being stoned on having smoked a couple of ‘ludes. Really annoying sound. You know the one.

So, hold on, here. “moving their focus to actually providing a quality product/service?” And just what the hucking fell does that mean, they spent the past 8 years since  taking over Adelphia just willy-wanking? Man, if that ain’t pure hubris in action. “Oh, we’re going to come right out and tell you your satisfaction was only a minor yet inconsequential consideration for almost a decade and we’ll make it sound like a good thing”. How does that equate, you might ask, with the political so-called choice of candidates for just any elected position in America? Read the first paragraph. Then thank your teacher. Then say, O, yeah, I see it now, the commercials for either products and services or Political crap work reciprocally to make us accept the stupidest bullshit imaginable in either field.

And the Corporates DO own the political process. Until good-intentioned people get the hell up, stop sitting on your hands and start at least try to change it. I’ll modify that, MORE good people. A lot of the good hasn’t been stamped out. Just hit with an IQ version of a nuclear bombardment.

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