So, sometimes a little bit of foolishness…

Well, it could be inspiring. The gossip newspapers, I think the one which said Queen Elizabeth had given the monarchy to Kate as in “will and kate” the ones who were about to be married soon, after his daddy and step mummy almost got their collective ass hauled out of their limo… yeah… Anyway aside from Merkins being somewhat foggy on what exactly goes on in British royal bullshit… like the reigning monarch doesn’t get to name his/her replacement. Parliament does. but that’s way beside the point and when I get close to a hundred words without saying anything at all about the main theme, well, I can’t bloody well be beside a point. No, brethren and sistren, this one is about Papa Fidel.
Supposedly he, on his deathbed, confessed to killing JFK. Which has a large amount of bullshit to it. Who would be at the deathbed to hear it and why would they share such a lurid lie with a “news” paper which even birds refuse to use as a cage liner. No “?” necessary. Besides, the Dallas police establishment were and still are the biggest suspects, angry because the Yankee Liberal was pushing for Civil Rights laws. And thought Johnson wasn’t going to sign the law.

In short the biggest thing they have done with this lurid headline was to stir up the stupid people who already believe the shit they paste onto the pages of that paper. Did you know, those who haven’t read my stuff, have you ever heard that according to the State of Texas, the literacy and illiteracy rates are both evenly tied in Tarrant County, right next to Dallas County, which isn’t much better?

That’s right, the state with all their crowing about the evils of Public Education, have system-wide sabotaged the Public Schools. Deliberately. It’s like the quote from Hitler, that “universal public education is the most corrosive poison Liberalism can inflict upon itself, it is sufficient to teach them enough they will be efficient coolies for our industries and soldiers for our armies” and that beyond that it would only raise discontent. Because if people were stupid and ignorant they wouldn’t know there were such concepts as liberty and equality.

Texas had a law, along with the other 15 states which had slavery, forbidding to teach black people to read and the penalty for teacher and student was death. These are the forebears of those who want to de-fund and destroy Public Education in favor of having the kids working in factories and in the fields again. Now the Klan have their very own president who has vowed to dismantle Public Education and Labor laws. It would greatly increase their odds of any further electoral success.

By the way, the 50% percent adult illiteracy rate is directly tied to the Trump win in Texas.
And that’s according to Army rules, you have to be able to read at a 6th grade level before joining the military. The magazine newspaper whatever the hell it is, yep, written at a lower level of reading and comprehension. Doesn’t the bother the Establishment at all.

But you know, there’s a reason there was a law forbidding the slaves the power of reading.
Nothing is forbidden if it isn’t possible. The law was passed because many slaves DID learn, and DID engage in rebellion. And doing such anti-social activities as filing lawsuits challenging their bondage. The Klan targeted black schools and houses of prayer and worship, and they still do. And now the Klan has their very own president, one who is shaping up to be what they hoped Johnson would be.

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