So, the Prisons in America use clergy to radicalize inmates.

Hardly surprising, but the US government usually labels other nations with that honor. There was a report years ago that the guards at Abu Ghraib had gotten prisoners to attack “radical Islam” meaning their fellow prisoners who weren’t being cooperative with the Team USA program. And some of the names who are contributing to the same doctrine being taught in Colorado prisons have a peculiar smell to them. Like at least one of Ronald Reagans’ dope dealing sons, and John Poindexter and Ollie North, writing as guest contributors to Decision! Magazine. Wanting to suppress the slightly less than 1% of Americans who are Muslim. They import some other other Arabian and Sinai Peninsula religious leaders.. Rabbis. Who should be a little bit leery about what’s going down. That War On Christmas bit about Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas is a gun pointed straight at American Jewish businesses. People with that much history should know better but apparently there’s a cadre of lager-kapo wannabees within the Rabbinate. And being as my family history is split down the middle between Europeans (Irish) who got kicked out of their home because of Being The Wrong Kind Of Christian, and the Cherokee side of the table with pretty much the same type of deal, except we were already in North America for 11,000 years and had been a separate political entity for 3000 of those years. So we, like the Jews and now the Muslims, have our share of religious persecution and some of that within living memory. You grow up in such a population and you should know better.

Just like the anti-Muslim atrocity we have going down in America today, Indians were called constructs of Satan because we aren’t mentioned in Genesis.

So what, Polar Bears and Penguins aren’t mentioned either. Or Chickens. Back to the main story, some of the contributors to Decision! are big names. Reagans sons have a reputation of being, at the time Daddy was governor, beneficiaries of the Zero Tolerance laws in California. The came out as being major players in the Recreational Psychopharmaceuticals, notably Cocaine. Thus they had protection and all their competition in Cali was violently suppressed at taxpayer expense. Nice, huh? but there’s more. Pablo Escobar, who imported (from his viewpoint “exported”) 80% of America’s cocaine supply. The illegal coke, that is, there’s a lot more pharmaceutical coke, dentists use Novocaine, lidocaine. etc. If it has ‘caine’ as the suffix it’s coke. And the time frame was when his friend Manny Noriega and the Salvadoran death squads and the Contras and Free Cuba mobsters and Big Ronnie the father of two of Sr. Escobars biggest customers, all together were making a huge splash in what can best described as True Unfettered Capitalism. Which like all other capitalism was subsidized.  Yeah, real “free” market” uh-huh..

and the impetus for this union was the Iran Contra connection. Blow from Colombia, through Panama, both of which border on Nicaragua, the legend is that the US Air Force did some of the transport, just like China White heroin in the 60s, fresh from Laos and Thailand. (That one, according to my Vet friends, was done in coffins of returning very suddenly ex-soldiers)

And part of that, and by the way some if it was going on even while Carter was still president, paid the Salvadorans who murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero in 1980. Escobar was later killed rather than standing trial in America or Colombia, which would have been a good time to rat out his Reaganite buddies. Noriega copped out to a long stretch in the Supermax at Marion IL. After of course seeing what happened to others who blew the old whistle.

All in all, these putrid bastards didn’t and still don’t care at all whether their victims were Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, worshippers of Mumbo Jumbo the crocodile god, no difference to them at all. People in general are a commodity to be bought and sold.

So, tying it back together, these two (ex?) blow dealers who particpated in this murderous enterprise, along with their good bud Ollie, are saying that Muslims and only Muslims (for now) are responsible for all attacks on Christians and Jews and some of the followers call Islam “the anti-christ”. Which their organizations have, in the past and not very distant either, used that term to describe Puritans, Catholics, Espicopalians, Pilgrims, Anabaptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Unitarians, Vegetarians and of course Jews as being AntiChrist.

It’s a hate campaign they’re quite familiar and comfortable to utilize it. In the case of Oscar Romero, killed at Mass, they showed they’ll kill any Christian who gets in their way. I know we’re not supposed to rag on Donald Chump, at least not exclusively, but the dude surrounds himself with the same crowd, at least in a “me-too-ism” way. And one is anti Native and has suggested that Indian Sovereignty is a gateway to Terrorism. How you can be called Pagan AND Muslim AND Christian at the same time is a highly tuned screed from the Ministry of Truth, and by golly they are doing just that.

But the volunteer pastors who pass inspection at the prisons to indoctrinate the ultimate subjected population are mostly in the anti-Muslim crowd.

Reminding you, now, that Muslims are right at the lowest concentration in American religion, but they’re the ones these no-doubt Heroes of the Faith chose to go after. Funny how that happens, the one group with the least power in your general area are the first ones targeted.

But funny has fun as the base word. And this shit just ain’t fun.

The answer is to always and forever take the stand for your brother. You don’t have to share his skin tone, his accent, his faith, ancestry… none of that. You have to do right no matter how much the dumb asses bray. To allow your brother to be oppressed is to invite oppression in your own turn.

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