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Like the Buy Nothing Day.. On December 12th 2014 NPR aired its Wall Street Journal Report (and WSN is published by Fox which constantly bad-mouths and trash-talks NPR and would never run a full NPR news item) that American 99%ers owe it to the 1% to go back into debt.
The item said that most Americans had cleared their credit card debts.
This is not to say that Most American Debt had been cleared. It actually states that The Vast Majority Of Debt In America is owned by a very tiny minority. Perhaps the much maligned (by WSN and FOX) notion of The 1%, hmmm? And these uber-rich actually declared on a news medium they despise (NPR) the 99% somehow owe the Wall Street Fat Cats a return to debt slavery. I’ll finish this real soon. For the nonce, please enjoy the little teaser. The WSJ on NPR was explaining a bit about the Federal Reserve interest rates. Seems a margin of debt that’s hard to define or delineate is necessary to the cash flow which those of us from whom the cash flows already realize that the flow is constant and upstream. We’re paying their debt so they don’t have to do so.

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