Talking back is not a Crime…

Something the Cops should remember because they actually have to learn some of the law and take written and oral tests to ensure they don’t do something like pepper-spray or taser or use a club in a classic beat-down at a street demonstration. Like the Colorado Springs Goon Squad member putting a choke hold on an elderly marcher in a St Paddie’s parade. It was an act of pure hate and cowardice. And well documented, unlike the allegations that during the VietNam war protests veterans were subjected to spitting incidents. I know VVAW protestors came under unfriendly fire …    “water” (ahem) from counterdemonstrators. Maybe the lack of evidence of those incidents lies err… “is rooted” in the solid fact that citizens protesting unlawful government actions NEVER get protection from the pigs. Another reason would be that a home-movie camera during the entire war would cost a weeks wages and not very many people had them. Unlike today when every person with a cell phone probably has a really hot camera built in. Mind you, the local press who are usually on the scene would have lots of recording devices trained on the activists.. even in the Dark Age before widespread access to full motion electronic video recording. Spitting would be a crime, and so would other assaults like somebody striking the expectorator. A “hitter for the spitter” with combat experience and feeling himself to be under attack… there would surely have been at least ONE arrest for such incidents, if such an attack every occurred against any government employee… such as a cop or a soldier.

The draft laws made it mandatory to have a service obligation that stretched beyond you coming back from VietNam or Algeria or Guatemala or any other place where America wasn’t legally at war. After your combat experience you would still have at least a year of National Guard or Reserve time.

And soldiers involved in fights for or against fellow soldiers or against civilians, not limited to US civilians nor hostile nor allied soldiers are frequent, more than are recorded in court martial procedure BUT… there would be quite a few which would be. Even if it’s an Article 15. Which is a section of the Uniform Code of Military Justice titled “commanders non-judicial punishment”.

An Art.15 wouldn’t go on your record as an arrest or conviction for a crime.. but you would still have it on your record.

If one wanted to find such an incident you would need to look at soldiers’ individual records. Strangely there are 63 cases claimed, but not one corroborated by this simple procedure. If you were spat upon and it wasn’t in a bar fight or similar stupidity, would you retaliate?  And these accounts have a similarity to the Goon Squads especially in no-civilian-witnesses situations like when they beat John Walter to death in Fremont County Jail and Marvin Booker in Denver.  The pigs CLAIM that they were under attack. But they don’t have to actually prove that, as prosecutors ALWAYS take sides with their fellow pigs.

Judges as well, and jurors who are hand picked by the pigs to exonerate the pigs. And that’s if the pig actually goes to trial or is sued. THEY have taxpayer subsidized protection, unlike a helpless, unarmed, outnumbered and shackled prisoner being kicked or punched or pummeled or struck with clubs or chemical or electrical torture devices. And it’s all about the word of a prisoner against a PIG who hides behind his fellow PIGS before during and after the attacks.

Just like the alleged spitting-on-soldiers attacks, there is no evidence other than claims. With John Walter and Marvin Booker and Oscar Grant ad “almost” infinitum there is evidence, not that were assaulting the police but instead they are most conveniently DEAD.

And Back-the-Badge activists and followers are simply going to, sheeplike, believe the myth of Saintly Cops rather than any real evidence.  Four legs good, two legs baaaaaaddd…






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