Tebow again?

Now, I’m fully aware that Tim can play better baseball and football and other games that involve taxpayer subsidized games with pampered millionaires prancing around on grass chasing balls, and slapping each other on the butt, hugging and throwing their bodies at other guys while wearing very tight pants than I would. And I really don’t mind at all that he wasn’t aborted while still a fetus. But telling everybody that God instructed him to waste his time chasing balls around on taxpayer subsidized grass, and that God somehow plays his game for him, therefore leaving no chance of athletes who worked just as hard as he did, paid their dues INSTEAD OF THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE doing all the work…  these other athletes wouldn’t be able to win no matter how much they worked to EARN victories. Would God really do something like that? If half of his claims were true he’s just a lazy bum who can’t be bothered to do the work necessary. And why should he, eh? It wouldn’t matter how much effort or lack thereof he applied, because he would be guaranteed a win. Talk about your basic lack of actual skill, determination and sportsmanship. Then there’s the continued balderdash that he’s a miracle because he’s an athlete Who Was Not Aborted.. And that’s the absurdity that supersedes all others. Because, EVERY quarterback or half back or fullback or cheerleader or fan Can Claim The Exact Same Thing. What would be a really amazing and miraculous event is If An Athlete HAD been aborted. I mean, really, a partially formed fetus tossing a football around. Now you have that image in your head forever. You’re welcome.

The reason the Donkos dumped him so long ago wasn’t that he didn’t have talent or anything to do with his religion either. He was put in a secondary position, wasn’t going to be the starting quarterback until he smoothed out his game and play professional grade football instead of a college kid grade game. So he refused to play unless he was the guaranteed Star Quarterback. And got fired.

Like the Russian officer in War and Peace said: “why, they’re shooting at me! Me, who everybody  Loves!”

I didn’t resurrect the Tebow Myth. The people who worship him kept alive the myth. I had already allowed myself to live my life without Tebow dominating. But, there’s a New Improved inspirational book about him at checkout counters in grocery stores. Also he’s taken up baseball. Some other intrepid reader can review it.

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