Temporary stand down at Standing Rock

In a blinding flash of Corporate hubris, The Stated Reason For The Police Assaults against the Medicine Wheel gathering has been really two-faced, that they’re afraid for the health of the People in the cold and lack of sanitation facilities, while denying the People the water, housing and sanitation supplies THE PEOPLE PAID to have delivered, and spraying them with pepper-spray laced water cannons, blocking the roads for the people injured by the Pigs, unless they’re prisoners, and even then they’re denied adequate treatment… AND from the other side of their lying collective mouth, they say the PIGS are under attack. And, here’s the fun part… the statistics of injuries or other medical conditions are sealed. How HIPPA-critical. The PIGS accuse the Protectors of assaulting the PIGS but refuse Habeas Corpus. No evidence. Evidence is classified. The PIGS confiscate cameras and sound recording gear and Trump up charges of inciting to riot, trespassing etc, and blow a woman’s arm almost off. I still have to check the latest report on that. DAPL officials are screeching that it’s a political stunt by Obama that he Fucking Finally called off the National Guard.

If it’s a Democratic Plot to embarrass the Corporate Shadow Government then it’s congratulations to the Democrats for showing some spine.

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