Thanksgiving over, let’s go murder us some injuns.

Yeah, this is about Sand Creek Massacre and the violence being done today at Standing Rock. For those new to the site, I’m of mixed heritage, Native and White. A lot of that heritage are white women who married Indian men. I say that to piss off the local Klan. Who really need to be pissed on. And the one thing they hate most is mixed marriage. But on my dad’s side of the family I’m an indeterminate level of Cherokee and Celtic, probably around half blood but by Cherokee law, all Cherokee. And on mom’s side, I’m descended from Irish and Lakota. I just found that out. Which doesn’t give me any more license to write about Native affairs than anyone else. Same as the arrogant bastards who put up statues downtown and make all citizens of Colorado and even (through matching Federal Highway Funds, the worst examples are in the middle of the damm streets) everybody in the united state pay for them. Like General Palmer who ordered the Sand Creek Massacre right after the second National Thanksgiving observance.

The first was in November of 1863, by proclamation of Lincoln. Like the very original feast, this one was very much a disaster for the Natives. General Palmer is memorialized with a traffic hazard on Platte and Nevada. Drivers executing left turns have severely limited visibility an often crash or run into pedestrians crossing from Acacia Park, like high school students leaving or entering the Palmer High School. This is how much Colorado Springs values the lives of children.

There’s a statue of land-thief Winfield Scott Stratton, named for the General who ordered the Cherokee Trail of Tears removal and the massacre by Army incompetence, Racism and just plain nastiness… of at least 2000 Cherokee AMERICANS.
They were held in Concentration camps in Georgia prior to the forced march. Winfield Stratton wasn’t even born but he sure did take advantage of the Anti-American terrorism that was and still IS the policy of the U.S. government, as long as the Americans being murdered and ripped off were or are not white. This makes the U.S. Army the single largest Terrorist Group In The World just by the Indian Wars. The Other Blood shed in land grabs around the world are just dressing on the salad in comparison.

They eclipse the Ku Klux Klan and their allies except for one thing: the Klan and other hate groups, like the Nazis, Tea Party and Minutemen, have a hiring preference for Military and Police, as though there’s any real difference there. The Cops commit their murders usually by surrounding the victim, forcing him or her to the ground, handcuffing him and then stomping or beating him to death. And shooting the handcuffed prisoner, that’s one of their favorites. And the Ku Klux Kourts give them a pass all the times they do it.

How many criminal trials of the Denver PIGS who beat Marvin Booker to death with the excuse that he walked into the day-room without wearing shower shoes? Exactly none.
How many of Palmers command were executed or even imprisoned for murdering the Cheyenne encampment at Sand Creek? How many of Scott’s command were tried and sentenced for the 2000 Cherokee who died in the concentration camps and the forced march? None. Not a single white-bread Klansman one of them.

This is a prelude to the next post about Standing Rock.

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