The Anthem and the Pledge

There’s a great hoop and holler going on now because a Neo-Roman Gladiator who plays a child’s game for money (Football) has refused to stand for the Imperial Anthem. Right the Hell on! About time. The way the super-“patriots” are screaming about it, if we only refuse to say a pagan oath to an Idol made of cloth and stand every time the Song of Empire is played, the Empire itself will fall. According to them at least. But let’s have some fun with it. If if if if only, We just refuse, publicly, to bow or salute to the Idols our “leaders” appoint for us to bow, support, swear oaths or stand up for, then we have the Majick Key and can bring the monster to it’s knees. A veritable Vorpal Blade going snick then snee. O frabjous day callou callai!  here’s a little clue for you all, I’m not paying the Beatles any royalties but here the clue… The world and even America will do quite well without the U.S. Imperium  to run things for us. “Our Leaders” picked for us to choose in mock elections, they’re not the real power brokers. The flag is just a rag.  The Imperial Anthem is  a stupid piece of …

Music… I bet you thought I was going to say shit right? It would be an insult to real shit… but the Anthem is a song written by a SLAVEOWNER  about freedom. But only for HIS class and no others. In a minor corner of the Napoleonic Wars in which the United States actually backed the Holy Roman Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. And as “we” didn’t conquer Canada for the Holy Roman Empire, the stated goal of going to war in the first place,  the U.S. government LOST THE WAR.  I don’t give three quarters of a damn about that, either. The US has ultimately lost ALL the imperial wars “we” started simply because “we” or more accurately “our masters”  aren’t going to be able to keep the empire.

And it doesn’t make any difference how much you sneer, and failing that sob, weep, whine, snivel and-or-threaten me for giving you the news. The Empire is already fallen, just not dead yet.

Well, maybe the refusals of the Imperial Anthem and Pledge are a symptom of a much greater truth. The Empire is no more.

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and who shall mourn for her?

The Holy American Empire is going the way of the Holy Roman Empire.




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