The El Paso Police News & other scams

OK I thought at first this was a scam. (it is) Like the El Paso Police News, which was similar.
The target was us. We got, in the mail, a “sweepstakes” entry form. To Support The Police. The U.S. Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Wow, thought I, this is much like the time I worked for about 15 minutes for a ripoff. They had originally called themselves The El Paso Police Association News. Until the El Paso Police Association did a C & D order as they were impersonating the El Paso Police Association. So they dropped the Association part. They later got their stupid collective ass busted by hiring a 16 year old girl to do the phone calls and at least one of the partners partnered with her. In the classic manner. But that’s starting in the middle, which I do frequently, to the chagrin of the Slow Ones who think I must be simple. But anyway, I thought to myself, as I often do, “Self, what are these freak peckerheads doing? They should know that neither of us is in love with the pigs, yet they address a solicitation letter disguised as a sweepstakes to US without even checking their notorious Enemies List” Also, this sounds a lot like the Klan holding a fundraising bake sale. (which they do. Seriously) The Klan call themselves a police organization. (they are) But the letter is written by a David Hinners, Executive Director.
Now, if Deputy Hinners and his retarded ass pig buddies wonder why I think of them as unbearable arrogant cowardly punks… Well, your pig buddies beat that attitude into me while I was handcuffed and helpless. And always outnumbered, let’s not forget that part. I’ll get back to the El Paso bit in a short while (for me)

They put out a sob story about the Pigs being underfunded. Since When? And that some rural counties can’t get the machine guns and body armor and other Military Gear for their ongoing war against their fellow Americans. too goddamned bad. Awwwwww… Piggies can’t get the latest and hottest Military Hardware to blow away civilians. Poor widdle piggies…. And, here’s the rich part… It’s Tax Deductible. That’s right, They Are Subsidized not only by their own constituents but by the Federal and State entities. Triple dipping. But even that’s not enough, they have to beg (more) money from citizens so they can do coward ass shit like beating John Walter and Marvin Booker to death and shoot little old ladies like Etta Collins. and thousands more. Buy the latest torture devices for their county jail isolation rooms, their Publicly Funded Private Pleasure Dungeons. These asswipes should be charged with rape and made to register as sex offenders after a very long time in prison. They DO get sexually aroused by beating people up. Always in a gang, too, as none of the pigs has the balls to attack even a helpless person single handed. Too much coward.

and for some stupid reason they believed I would help them with their Klan goals. As my tee-shirt says, (got it for sale on cafe press) “y’all can just line up and take turns helping themselves to a texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of kiss my liberal ass”

Ask your mommas to sell more crack. Make them do it. Stupid nasty bitches raised punks like you.

Oh, and the Klan thing, yeah… When the Bossier City/Shreveport pigs murdered 25-year-old Marquise Hudspeth; shot eight times in the back in cold blood, then lied about it and subsequently “cleared” by a Klan jury of their Klan peers in a Ku Klux Kourt

David Duke, the “former” Klansman now an itinerate bum who sells hate literature, and was Elected to The Louisiana Legislature… Had a Charity Barbecue for the poor, helpless piggies who never once felt the handcuffs or spent an instant in custody after murdering Hudspeth, as mentioned shot in the back 8 times, but was supposed to be in a shooters’ crouch and facing them. Lying sacks of shit. But they got away with the murder and the perjury too. The “cleared” part was a civil suit.

Pigs never go to jail especially when they’re guilty. Maybe this David Hinners punk was one of the Klansmen who had a Barbecue to benefit their fellows. Duke, of course, said that the Klan is a family oriented police organization. Funny how David Hinner or any other PIG never gainsaid that.

Anyway, the El Paso gig. I walked into the office to get a cup of coffee after having spoken to exactly one person. An 80 year old woman who said she would donate some of her Social Security check. The socially retarded fucks who ran this scam were laughing about what a breeze it was.

“You call in the afternoon, when mostly the people at home are elderly. You say, “I’m calling from the El Paso Police News” but the part they hear is “El Paso Police”. When did you ever get a GOOD call from the Police? If they call you at home then probably somebody close to you died. Knocks ’em silly and then, you say you’re only asking for money.” They then mentioned the part about the Association… and that they simply reprinted press releases from the El Paso Times and Herald Post, anything involving the El Paso Police. You send them the really short, like 8 pages, newspaper 4 times a year and give them a bumper sticker that says “I support the El Paso Police News” and then sell the sucker list to other scammers. and get a hundred dollar annual pledge.

I never turned the name of the old lady to them, I didn’t tell them I was quitting, I just left.
I needed a job, my wife had died recently and I was an emotional mess. I thought about them doing that to MY Grandma. I told Grandma and Grandpa about it, she spread the word through the El Paso Texas Grandmacracy. No, really, Grandmas have a network of spies and they find out a lot of shit you thought might be hidden. If I were to get in trouble down in Juarez (I didn’t) I would bet a nickel Grandma would have known it before I got back to the border crossing. She did mention that one of her friends had subscribed to that fraud.

I told you at the first part that I would tie these two seemingly different scams together.

The Deputy Sheriffs’ association is doing the same method with very little modification. They even mentioned 9/11 as if they actually have been fighting terrorism. Hell, they ARE the primary terror group in America. Which translates to all the nations in the world because “our” government invaded most of them.

How effective was the El Paso scam? I worked for them in 1986. They got busted for statutory rape the very next year. In 1999, I went to El Paso for Grandma’s funeral. My brothers and me were in a car shortly before we left, going down Alameda street, there was a car with what looked like a Brand New bumper sticker saying “I Support the El Paso Police Association News”. The car was a 1990 model.

The letter for the Deputy Sheriffs’ Klan Bake Sale was written in the style “you’re in a lot of danger, be afraid, but if you give us money we’ll keep you safe”

There’s a prison scam, Selling a Hog or Selling Wolf Tickets. Different names same game. They approach the new guy and say that they’ve heard that “a gang” was going to get you (just to keep the narrative semi legible). But for a fee like all your commissary and maybe some sex and the names of all the people you know  in the world so they can hit them up for commissary money, his own gang will keep you safe from the Mystery Gang. They sell protection from people who they never name.

This scam, Homeland Security, the El Paso Police News, they’re all the same. The only thing that really changes is the name of the game.

It’s not my fault the Military Police State is having budget shortfalls. I’m not the one who decided their masters need to conquer the entire world in the NAME of “freedom”, but really to fill the pockets of the very richest.


By the way, I wrote this about two hours ago but had to get pictures of the letter. I had no idea Eric posted about a man who was shot with 11 large bore slugs and a whole mess of cop impunity. Who says serendipity doesn’t happen? Not me.

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  1. uuummm yeah. About the pictures. Save them and open them in your sideshow player. It was the fastest way I could get them up here. I don’t know how many intelligent people view our site, but a bunch of dumbasses find new ways to tell us how hate filled they are.

    But for the Not Slow Ones it’s something that I would laugh about seeing except for the fact they’ll get a lot of money. And then maybe probably use it for partying.

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