Enduring governance by bureaucracy

Herbert Hoover was elected POTUS in 1928 and served one term.
John Edgar Hoover was promoted to Director of the FBI in 1923 and served ruled until 1972. When he died in office. Most royalty never serve  rule that long.

Eisenhower had far more personal power to kill other people as an officer in the Army, another Bureaucracy. He was in the Mexican campaign in 1911 hunting Doroteo Aranga, aka Pancho Villa.  Who they never caught. Until he was elected President of Mexico and then assassinated. By US (bureaucratic) agents.

The army DID succeed in killing quite a lot of Mexican citizens and pissing off all the others. I guess that’s some kind of accomplishment. Eisenhower got to decide who would die (nobody has the power to decide who lives) for a long time. How much would you like to bet he stayed on as an advisor (lobbyist) to the Pentagon after he was out of the White House? After that glorious Cross of Iron speech, of course, he was acting de-facto as a lobbyist for the War Industries.

Presidents and congress critters come and go. Bureaucrats we have until they retire or die. And not one of us gets to actually vote for them.

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