The good news: Trump’s racist ass is losing.

The bad news is that Hillary will secure enough of a minority of the popular vote to gain the presidency. The worse news is we’re all going to lose. That is, if we allow and demand the government to lead us and make our decisions on our behalf. Those who didn’t just read and recite the Official History Book, but didn’t follow up by reading the bibliography, (you know, the pages in the back citing the books and authors who were the source of the current book) and skated through with an A+ on the test, you didn’t have to read the bibliograp— ah what the hell…  If you did the same thing in Civics class you managed to pass that as well, but the stuff you’re not obligated to know or be tested about it… is mighty important.  For instance, in World Wars Both were being fought, the British Empire was repeatedly called one of “The Democracies” when in fact the Empire and the Royalty are a constant failure of a Hereditary Dictatorship. The Queen, may she rot in hell, became the Queen because her dad was King. Nothing of merit in all that. But it’s a Representative Democracy, at least officially. Just like the United States.  With hereditary dictatorial dynasties such as the Bush family and their crime syndicate. You know, the ones who just endorsed Hillary Clinton to be the anointe.. errr… appointe.. ummm… Duly Elected Dictator.

We the Peasants are merely allowed to rubberstamp the two leading candidates.

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