The real indoctrination into terrorism.

There’s a post on about some top cops FBI who answered “where does terrorist “radicalization” originate?” The rest of this is stuff I wrote almost 5 months ago. The way the cops treat citizens, in custody or taking them into custody, well, our heavily armed “ambassadors” aka Military treat other people in other countries exactly the same way. The beatings, the murders, the imprisonment without any fair trial, same there as it is here. The contempt for civilians and democracy, same and same. The cowardice, like the cops attacking civilians here WHEN AND IF those civilians are outnumbered and outgunned, equivalent to the Air Force dropping bombs from 10 miles up in the sky, so high the people on the ground can’t even see the airplanes. And before the bombs start hitting the ground the airplanes are out of sight beyond the horizon. The pilots will congratulate each other at the O club over mixed drinks. Pigs are pigs, and the way they treat non-pigs infuriates people. Especially people who have been the objects and targets and victims of the pigs, or their siblings, children or parents were.  Kill or imprison one and expect the cousins or friends of the victims to love you for it. Or at least bow down and lick your gestapo jackboots.

That’s why people throw airplanes at “our” buildings. Their   priests, rabbis, medicine men mullahs  imams whatever aren’t the ones who teach them to hate.   Their governments can’t do nearly as much to enrage them enough to commit violent acts. Sure, entities like church or state can capitalize upon the rage. But terrorism begets terrorism. The actions of “our” police and military are the trigger.

O K I have to finish the older thought. There was a scare twenty years ago where somebody, perhaps as a pointed and easy to understand joke, wrote about Palestinian kids being given warrior dolls to teach them to hate and then kill non-muslims. With an obviously GI Joe doll obviously changed clothes to reflect Palestine customs, but… some anti-Arab american terrorists actually published as being an actual problem. That the whole Muslim world was a Jihad boot camp where even the kids are indoctrinated to kill kill kill hate hate hate.

And of course none of the counter attacks against American and Koalition troops were inspired by American violence against them.

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