The real reason for Father’s Day and it’s plenty messed up

December 6th 1907, a coal mine in Monongah West Virginia.    300 + miners killed. Explosion. Lots of widows and orphans. If you look for the origins of Father’s Day on google you get about three pages of purest crap about it being a brainfart ummm. brainstorm  by some lady in Spokane three years later. There were lots of coal mine explosions, between coal dust, methane and the need for lighting inside of each shaft. This was the worst in U.S. history. Now instead of killing dozens of miners quickly and all at once, the Coal and Petroleum and “natural gas” fracking operations and strip mining big bosses like to spread out the death over generations. You know how some people say “I’d like to say that whatever crap”  but, no. I wouldn’t like to say that I sympathize with the creators of the mythological First Father’s Day in Spokane.  I’m sure a lot of people prefer the feels-good-gee-gosh-golly crap explanation. Because the truth is really ugly.

Like I said, the Big Energy companies make it seem safer, by omitting the part about how your soil, water and air are contaminated by shit from their wells, fracks and strip mines. What we don’t know won’t hurt them in court. And of course whine and snivel, like Jack Graham, that all those pesky regulations like “don’t dump your oil gas and coal trash into our drinking water” are somehow hurting the Little People. It’s a tiresome argument. That and they want to “develop” the energy resources just to give us opportunities. Which is bullshit. They only want the opportunity for their stockbrokers and other criminal connections get paid. They don’t give a fig about our bottom line. We’re expendable, the same as the mountains and streams. The only time they think about our needs, like clean air, water and soil to grow food, is “How do we con these guys into letting us come in, fuck up their entire world and leave as soon as we are no longer showing a profit?”

Get in, rape the land and rob the locals and get out. So, no, I don’t prefer the upbeat crap about the origins. It’s a story the Big Coal companies use to hide their guilt.

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