The Twelfth is over.

See, in Northern Ireland which is no longer separate from the rest of the Irish Republic, they have the tradition celebrating the English victory over Ireland and bringing Ireland into the best recorded and bloodiest era of their long history. If you consider the troubles we had 9 years ago at a St Paddy’s parade here, imagine that being worse. Rowdy just starts the scene. Organized Rowdy crowds of very opinionated Irish who go into Catholic neighborhoods to inform the residents that they intend to Kill the pope. Loudly. That’s not the official parade, just a little fun in the process of the official parade. Lately, as mentioned the Ulster government has been disbanded. The British dissolved their Union, England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. A quick history lesson in the British flag.
There are 4 crosses on the banner, the “Union Jack” 2 shaped as “+” and the others as “x” Standing for Wales and England, red inside of white, and the X is for Ireland and Scotland. Medieval bullshit.

In America there is a part of it. Called the Southern Cross, instead of a red cross inside a white cross inside a blue background, it’s a constellation called the southern cross, inside a blue cross inside a white cross inside a Red background. It almost became the official flag of the US but for one really bad problem. Medieval type pageantry, regimental flags often had similar designs. Can’t see the slightest bit of difference while it’s shrouded with black powder smoke. A flag is a weapon signaling to your comrades that you are at that position and you are on Their Side so they don’t bomb the living dogshit out of you. This flag looked under the haze of gunpowder smoke like a British regimental flag. Where does this make a damned bit of difference today? Well, there are a lot of morons who fly the Southern Cross flag routinely to signal that they hate black folks.

Or anybody else who disagrees with the standard of which skin color you’re supposed to wear. And, the Union Jack is in it’s turn telling you that Ireland is the sovereign property of England and you had best accept it bud.

or at least that’s the Northern Ireland use of it.

Or, WAS. There was a riot in Belfast and Derry which the Orange people pronounce it Londonderry. just a few years back, because the new government of a unified Irish Republic had the Union Jack taken off all government offices and facilities. The British agreed. Orangemen did not.

They consider it being sold by the British after 300 years of being the lackeys and pets of the British colonial government. Loyally. They think the Union has abandoned and one way they express it is “like the United States giving California and Texas back to Mexico”. That standard of thought is Once Imperial Slaves, Always Imperial Slaves.

As hostile as the Orangemen have been for the past few (hundred) years with regard to their Parade, I thought there would surely be a big eruption this year. Especially as the people of England have shown a lot of racism and other forms of fear lately. Or so it seems. You put 30 people in an intersection and it can seem on camera like the entire world is filled with the demonstration.

Or how advertisers make their medium sized hamburgers look gigantic simply by putting one on a much smaller plate. A perspective type of illusion.

but chasing to the cut, they actually didn’t kill, maim, or destroy the property of, anybody this year.
Good Show, lads. Maybe next year you might improve it a spot more, perhaps not going to the Catholic neighborhoods offering to kill the pope and kick the shit out of anybody who objects.

Oh, and the Orangemen DO celebrate St Paddy’s. They just wear orange instead of green, and that bit about going through Catholic neighborhoods offering to ki… well you know the rest.

So, here’s the good part, the part you hoped and prayed I would get to this part.

If Irish people, who are thought to be at least on the short list of Some of the Most Violent and Contentious People in The WORLD can have a parade without kicking the living dogshit out of each other, then maybe Americans can have a chance of not hating nor being hated by your Neighbors. We just have to work on it.

There’s a tv/tg convent in California, the Sisters of Eternal Indulgence, where the Reverend Mother is one Sister Boom-boom. Every election cycle Sister Boom-boom gets on the ballot for the top executive position being decided on that ballot. Mayor, Governor, President ooo P O T U S yes, indeed, you can at least in California vote for Nun of the Above for our next Chief Executive. It would be an improvement of the usual disappointment of elections.

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