The use of last names as first names

Like Taylor or Tyler or Connor, just seems “trendy”, yes? Some of it comes off as major league cool and others just lame. and annoying. And it’s mostly an english language type device. Catholic kids have it all the way, until 1966 it was pretty much mandatory to name somebody first with the name of a Saint. In case you’re wondering why there are so many catholic women named Mary or Elizabeth (in Spanish that would be Maria and Isabel) reflects that the Church didn’t canonize as many women and a lot of them were born Catholic, so you wind up with (over many centuries) a large pool of people with a comparatively small pool of names. Then their familiar names, so you get a lot of people named for instance Maria Elena or Mary Elizabeth. Some others are Concepcion, events in the life of Jesus.  There’s one person at least whose Saint Name was Circumcision  A lot of my Mexican and Texas-born friends have sisters in the family who are separated by their familiar names. Mary Elena, Maria Dolores, Mary Magdelana. The guy most Texans refer to as General Santa Anna, that was his mother’s surname.  He was Antonio Jose y Maria LOPEZ de Santa Ana. You get recognition of both sides of the family that way, instead of Mom losing her heritage just by marrying Dad.

I propose paying my Vast Fortune (my bank account is whatever is in my pocket) to anybody naming their kid Brown. Hey, it’s just as valid a last-first combination name as Taylor or Jefferson. Of course this is nonsense.

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