The world’s most interesting man…

Apparently died of alcohol poisoning from the beer he was promoting, and is replaced by another moron who is willing to kill his own brain to sell corporate beer. An old fashioned ass kicking for all involved would be in order, but the whole hog conglomerate would just go right back to the trough, poisoning people and as a bonus get the people to pay The Corporation for the privilege of being slaughtered. It wouldn’t change anything and you’d just be really tired.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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