They should have killed his crew and sank his boats.

Columbus Day.  I have a slight mental/emotional block about it every year. I could blame some of it on the Monday Holiday tradition. Yesterday I actually went out to check the mail several times. But, yeah, there is a kind of mental anguish involved, mostly to do with the parts they don’t teach in school. Tomorrow is the actual Day.  You know how the story gets glossed over? It’s simple, really.  They just tell us the barest of fact, and a little bit of fiction, and they don’t mention that the real REAL conquistador was a collection of diseases the Spanish, French and Portuguese squalid unsanitary rat-infested ships hosted. The people were on the boats were of no consequence in comparison. A lot of them were slaves. With no real racial basis, mostly. The Renaissance was in full swing and that means rebirth. The Rebirth of Roman capitalism, of course. With no official poop from the pope on the practice. It’s called usury and The Church had a long tradition of opposing it. Except when the Church needed a loan to go and baptize a bunch of people at swordpoint.

So the mighty Catholic church chickened out about it. Not to worry, as soon as Protestant fever hit the royally appointed churches baptized the practices with a New, Improved version. But Jesus did say not to lend at interest. The basis of capital. Also a reiteration of Thou Shalt Not Kill.

And Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament, warned about contention over words. Capitalists have re-translated the Bible many times to make Jesus and Paul appear to bless their political and economic model.

When for instance Marxists use the term redistribution of wealth, the Wealthy always piss and moan and cry rivers of tears, their woe over the Poor who are being led astray. With bullshit like “Capital creates wealh” when actually, more poverty is created. The basis of Capital is always available resources being redistributed to the already rich. And violently. ALL of the wars currently being fought are Capitalists using stolen or borrowed-with-no-intention-to-repay resources to finance killing other people who are selfishly denying Wall Street the privilege of taking the resources of the Other People. And of course it’s very rare for a rich person to be in the Front Lines of any of these wars. To put it mildly, because the real evil is very hard to think about, Rich Bitches going to war, like Teddy Roosevelt or Prince Harry, do it for the thrill of killing people who, in their estimation, aren’t real people but instead peasants. They get their little weenies hard by murder, and because it’s a war they don’t have to face any punishment for their crimes. It gives them a sadistic sexual thrill.

But the majority of the Rich won’t do that. It’s just a hobby for some of their demon spawn. Wealth is accumulated by Cowards directing others to do the conquest in Their Name. The same way they consider counting money to be actual work, but would never put their own delicate hands to the plow or shovel and they deride those who DO gain the wealth the Rich consider their birthright as being stupid.

Until a revolution happens, when the Wars started by the rich come back to bite them on the ass. And then they weep, moan and wonder how it is that somebody from the enslaved class would throw airplanes against their buildings. And as soon as possible their proxies in politics or military use such revolutions as a propaganda tool to incite the poor to go and fight for the “property” of the very rich.

How well does it work? Ask any soldier if he actually believes he’s fighting for Freedom. He’ll spout the lies the Rich Bitches told him all his life. Kind of like verbally induced brain damage. If you look back at the comments section of this site you’ll find a lot of that. Belligerent, threatening or sometimes only derisive. Because they’re too stupid to question their Masters and the lies they’re told, in order to seduce them into working or killing just to fill the pockets of their Rich Masters.

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