This is my only-one-cup-of-coffee morning rant.

Thought it fair to give a little warning. This involves the national orgy coming up Monday. Yeah, the 4th. If you want to see a really cool spectacle of what that’s like, wait until the 12th and check what happens in Belfast. Yeah. The Orange version of St Paddy’s. To celebrate the Union victory at the Battle of the Boyne. Only in recent years, the Orangemen are feeling like the Union disowned them and threw them to the Green Irish wolves. They find it to be, how should I put it, distasteful. Because, you know, they’ve experienced approximately 300 years of being able to beat the living dogshit out of Greens, legally. And now they can’t. It’s a whole pallet of boxes of Hertz Donuts. So, in my perspective which doesn’t end at the limits of American Territorial Imperative. which is a real phrase coined to legitimize Imperialism. A long time before I was born. Especially now, when Washing Tundy Sea has decided the Territorial Imperative is global. Maybe we WILL be invaded by an outer-space contingent who are somewhat troubled by the attitude, expressed by Goering damned near 80 years ago that the Third Reich “owned the world AND SPACE”. What if certain ET political entities decide that the US is getting uppity and would want to try conquering all of space? If they’ve been watching Star Trek re-runs and the Independence Day movie, along with the NEW one, seems somewhat like Pentagon propaganda? At the time the movie was declared ready to roll, the Army WAS (and still is) using it a recruiting tool.

This rant brought to you by National Geographic, which has a front cover “The Founding Fathers” which just about always makes me want to puke. Just look at all the corporate bullshit we’re supposed to buy for the celebration. Stuff from party city, home depot, every corporate entity is somehow trying to profit from telling you how necessary it is for you to buy their crap. Otherwise you will be outcast, and shunned, as an Unpatriot. There’s a party supply purveyor who blatantly use that. This is a sadness. But the Founding Fathers demand it. Whoever they were.

If you can’t wait until the 12th to see what colors my perception of this, just look at the videos from the past 10 years. Videos of Belfast.

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