Thursday’s raid at Standing Rock

Has NOT broken the protest, and won’t. The Pigs want to beat people down, to make The People bow and worship their Corporate Masters and to reaffirm their delusions of superiority. The resistance grows with every heinous act of violence by the Pigs, in all their incarnations. Police, Courts, Military… the tools and minions and outright slaves of the 1%. Donald Trump has already delineated his hatred for Native Sovereignty.  Hillary is hemming and hawing and not making any stand at all. The Courts and Police and Military are, AS ALWAYS, publicly subsidized Mercenary Thugs in private service to the Rich Bitches, and all Republican and Democratic establishment politicians are eagerly licking Wall Street boots. One often wonders if they actually relish the delicate taste of that thick layer of Rich Bitch shoe polish. Apparently they do. So do Media Shills. CNN said “not all the Sioux support the protest” < my condensed version. But here’s a disagreement, something not allowed in a top-down dictatorial Government like that of the United States. There is no command in Lakota or for that matter the vast majority of tribes for The People to be in unanimous obedience to a Chief.

CNN neglected to do any homework. Probably because their Corporate Masters told them to do it this way.

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