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I published this also on, a Libertarian site that’s, well, anti war. To an extent. Trump and Pence and their projected cabinet have explicitly promised to have, in addition to or instead of, the foreign wars a war against Americans who don’t bow down and worship Trump and White Supremacists.
it’s hard to sort when they lie and when they’re being serious, Heinous Demagogues are like that.
But I caught a little flack for mentioning that even though Trump “rejected” an endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan doing business as Stormfront, after people called him on being endorsed by the Nazis, he still follows their stated agenda almost to the word.
Since Mr Trump won with actually fewer popular votes, and the difference was a half percent, that means neither Trump nor Hillary got an even half of the votes. That simply means that a majority of the people Voted Against Him, just as surely as a majority Voted Against Hillary. The FACT that a lot of his votes were votes AGAINST Hillary rather than FOR him, and vice versa, and that White People are supposedly the majority in the US means he didn’t even get the majority of the White vote. The FACT that he’s associated with the Skinheads, you want to argue about it, why not argue with the Dumb-ass Klan, Minutemen, Tea Party, Skinheads and other “Whites Only” TERRORIST groups about it, because they sure as Hell are claiming that. And THEY believe that Mr Trump owes them for it.

And most of the things Mr Trump promised specifically Them, like an ethnic cleansing of America, establishing a Church State (against the expressed will of the people for 2 centuries) and therefore a State Church would have to be established…. Which church would be anointed? Just about every Christian who I asked about that said “My Church, of course”.

The Mexican Border Wall, and Mexico would be forced to pay for it? That’s stupid of such a high order it deserves another syllable “Stee-u-pid”

The last time the US invaded Mexico militarily was when Pershing was ordered to find and arrest and murder Doroteo Arango, aka Pancho Villa. He went, suffered casualties, and didn’t accomplish his goal. The US ARMY LOST TO THE MEXICAN PEOPLE. Hey, maybe that’s why the bigots hate Mexican and even Spanish American people so much.

If he wants to build his racist wall, he’s going to raise taxes to do it and guess the hell what? He nor any other president has the authority to raise taxes unilaterally. It would have to go to Congress first.

The same with his proposed War Against Americans Who He And His Loudest Group Of Supporters, (The Skinheads at Stormfront) Don’t Think Are REAL Americans. Some of the comments on this website, just in the past week, have been that quote “The Founding Fathers clearly had the Original Intent that the U.S. must be based on Western European Christian Culture”

Let’s roll with that, yeah? The so called “founders” were arisocrats kicked out of Western Europe by Other Christian Western Europe Aristocrats. Washington and Jefferson were slave owners because they were too god-damn lazy to clear the land, plant crops, nurture crops and harvest crops.

They’re credited separately with building Mount Vernon and Monticello. But THEY didn’t. They had the SLAVES do it. And they both have a reputation of having sex with the slaves. In other words, RAPE. There’s some really explicit lists of which Presidents were slave-owners. Including Johnson and Grant.
And Polk, and Jackson, and more. You have to look it up.

So why should I obey the not very clearly worded commands of a bunch of lazy, thieving, slave-holding self-righteous, pompous, aristocratic sex offenders who died 200 years ago?

The positions that we must worship the “original intent” are not just as stupid as the beliefs of the White Supremacists, they’re exact copies.
Trump is trying to hire Bolton BECAUSE THEY’RE INTELLECTUALLY AND POLITICALLY SIMILAR. And so are the other supremacists.

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