Trump fever is the new Antisemitism

Mostly because he got the vote of the Angry White Males who are stymied in their goal of making America a permanently white dynastic order. Which includes their version of Christianity and excludes all other people. Think they like Minorities who are White? The only white majority they’re going to accept is the White Anglo Saxon Protestants and even then those who are “jnokd” which is a country club elitist acronym Just Not Our Kind, Dear.

Mummy, oh mummy, why aren’t we allowed to speak to the Italian, Greek, Russian, Irish etc children?

Because, jnok, d. (I don’t make this shit up, you know.) The burning and bombing of Mosques and Synagogues and Black or similarly different and I just created the perfect oxymoron Similarly Different from the Church of Lily White Supremacy…. stems from that “we are better than they” attitude.

Which is crap. It melds seamlessly with the theme of Royalty. Born to be King, strange ladies lying in puddles distributing swords and so forth. And to the He-broes who think being of the seed of Abraham just like Jesus makes these rich dumbshits actually like you, y’all do remember recent history not just in Germany or Ukraine or Poland but very consistent in Colonialist America since well, since Columbus. There was a movie in the late 40s called “It Can’t Happen Here” and even though they were doing a Red Dawn schtick about Communist Americans, it had already been done. America was invaded and had been for over 450 years ago. And it wasn’t a Safe Haven for any of the colonialists, either, not even the WASP minority with their Manifest Destiny bullshit.

Far less the Jewish people. So now, after the Klan is supposedly subdued

except in situations like A Tale of Two Hoodies and the Klan being an integral part of the Minutemen, and supposedly the Nazi movement but we know that ain’t gone… But, you know, all that good fellowship and non-hate and brotherly love except for those who one or several ones don’t actually love or even like…

all of that hasn’t dropped down the threat level. So there’s now a really overt and really racist Anti-Islam theme going on AND y’all recall that War on Christmas bullshit we hear so much about, where they make a big ass whiney production about JEWISH shopkeepers instructing their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? That’s the massive flying shitstorm coming your way and mine as well. The ones orchestrating this don’t even like themselves, you know. Yeah. Some of the ostensible Leaders like Trump and Romney are just patsies. Puppets. Dance when the Big Pigs pull their strings.

Equally patsies are the Rabbis and Pastors who think “it can’t happen here, unless them Muslims take over…” yeah… The BigPigs got that covered, dudes.

To them, Muslim and Jew and Christian and Pagan or whoever they’re actively disrespecting openly… or whoever of these groups they’re currently schmoozing… are all the same. And not in a good way. Not from their perspective. To AIPAC and Zionist and whoever else has a movement where they tell Their Own People to hate and persecute anybody, and the victim of the day happens to be Muslims… well? Whatcha gonna do? Jews in particular should be able to almost smell an approaching pogrom. Even when the Pogrom is seemingly driven and guided by Rabbinical groups.

The real target is anybody who is JNOK, dear. Wake the fuck up. Take your smart pills and THINK ABOUT IT. God didn’t tell anybody to be stupid.

The 1% is a new calculation, the older yet still valid is that 5% control 85% of the wealth, and that statistic was from the Wall Street Journal. Their own private propaganda machine.

Know who the real enemy is and by God it ain’t Islam. They got that Golden Calf at Wall Street. As soon as Occupy Wall Street got going, the very first thing the not-so-big-Pigs of the NYPD were ordered to protect is that particular Idol.

The symbol of money. Imperialism. Racism. Stupidism.


















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