Trump isn’t a Klansman

Even though he’s nominated a certified racist prick Klan member, Sen. Jeff Sessions, to be the Top Cop aka Attorney General. And the Klan in North Carolina are scheduling a parade in honor of Trump’s Not Getting Shut Out “victory” with 47% of the vote to 48% (or more, the votes are still being counted), as predicted neither actually won. Either one, doesn’t matter which, will have a one-term legacy and with about a 70% not just disapproval but downright fiery hatred. BUT, despite the delusions of the Klan, Trump isn’t a Klansman. Sympathizer, perhaps, but that won’t stop him from ripping them off the way he does everybody else. Of course, they’re the most prodigious and violent Terrorist organization in America. Trump and his fooled followers are shouting that they have a mandate. Not so. And Trump is worried, too, by the way. If you play poker, which I don’t, or you have an enhanced empathic reaction to human fear, you would be able to tell right off when he’s bluffing. Because he gets louder and more apparently aggressive. It’s called a “tell”.

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